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This page is currently being studied for efficiency and its data will eventually be archived or relocated for better way finding. Staff will be updated on any significant changes including how to access archived materials. 

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Committees & Groups

ADLIB - Administrative Assistants

Alma Primo Product Owners Group (POG)

ArchivesSpace Users Group

Committee for Orientation and Community Outreach (COCO) (sunsetted)

Committee for the Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (CPDI)

Digital Content Management Initiative

Discovery Governance Group (DGG)

EDISJ Governance Group

Energy and Environment Group (sunsetted)

Inter-Directorate Leadership Team (IDL)

Interdisciplinary Biosciences Group (hiatus)

Internal Communications Working Group (ICWG)

Ivy Plus at MIT

Libraries' Accessibility Team

JLT: Joint Leadership Team (sunsetted)

LC: Library Council (sunsetted)

LSA: Library Staff Association

Materials Budget Operation Team (MBOT) 

Metadata Coordinating Group (sunsetted)

Open Access Policy Outreach Team (OAPOT)

Open Access Policy Systems Group 

Project Managers Working Group (PMWG)

Research Data Services

Rewards & Recognition Committee (R&R)

Staff Advisory Council (SAC) (sunsetted)

Scholarly Publishing & Copyright

SOT: Service Operations Team (sunsetted)

Space Planning Group (sunsetted)

Senior Leadership Team (SRLT)