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MIT policy 13.4

Records Management Program

The MIT records management policy provides for: 

orderly and periodic transfer of inactive Institute records from prime office storage space or inadequate remote storage to the Institute records center; 

the systematic destruction of noncurrent Institute records that have outlived their administrative usefulness; 

identification of Institute records that are of sufficient and continuing administrative and historical value to warrant their transfer to and preservation in the Institute Archives;

and assistance and advice to administrative and academic personnel about efficient record-keeping practices.

Overview of program

The Records Management Program is the mechanism by which the MIT Archival Policy is carried out. This includes the coordination of the following records management services:

  • Orientation and training for the Records Management Liaisons.
  • Advising on the development or update of records schedules.
  • Assisting in transfer of inactive records to the storage facility.
  • Ensuring timely destruction of inactive records at the end of their life cycle.
  • Identifying and acquiring records of permanent, enduring value for the Institute Archives.
  • Providing general assistance to Institute offices and departments in the management of their records.

Managing your records

We can help with the stages of records management:

Records storage

The Records Management Program assists offices and departments in arranging for transfer of their records to Iron Mountain, the records management company storing MIT's inactive, non-permanent records.

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Records retrieval

Records can be made available only to authorized personnel in the office in which the records originated. Access to records created by another office are only available through the office of origin.

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Records destruction

At the end of their retention period, records should be destroyed (shredded or recycled) in a timely manner. Records are eligible for destruction when their retention periods have expired, all audit requirements have been satisfied, there are no pending requests for information, and there is no reasonably foreseeable litigation involving the records. Records destruction needs to be approved in conjunction with the Records Program.

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