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CIS Index

Index to hearings, committee prints, documents, reports, as well as publications of the Congressional Budget Office and Office of Technology Assessment. Also includes legislative histories of Public Laws. Dewey Library's holdings of congressional publications are recorded in the printed index, 1970-1999.
Print: Dewey Library Reference Index Shelves: Z1221.Z7.C11
Online: ProQuest Congressional

CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearings Index, Part VIII, 89th Congress--91st Congress, 1st Session, 1965-1969

Dewey Library's holdings of hearings from this period are recorded in the index. For earlier holdings, consult the Libraries' microfiche catalog.
Print: Dewey Library Reference: KF40.C56 1981, pt.8
Online: ProQuest Congressional

CIS U.S. Serial Set Index, Part XII, 86th Congress-91st Congress, 1st Session, 1959-- 1969

Index to House and Senate reports and documents.
Print: Dewey Library Reference: Z1223.Z9.C65 1975 pt.12
Online: ProQuest Congressional

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