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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Staffing

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Timesheets and Payroll

The MIT payroll week runs from Monday morning through Sunday night. Enter your hours by Sunday night. Time sheets are approved by noon on Monday.

If you forget to enter hours, the system will lock you out from 5pm on Monday until 3pm on Tuesday. Wait for the system to open again, then enter hours for the days and times you worked. Your time sheet will be processed during the next approval period, which will delay your pay.

  1. Go to Atlas
  2. Click on Time and Vacation Entry
  3. Click on Time Sheet Entry
  4. Enter the times you worked (to the nearest quarter of an hour).
  5. Leave a note at the bottom of your time sheet saying exactly when you worked.
    Just say something exciting like “Mon. 9-11a” or “Mon 9a-9p”

Useful links:
Duo Two-factor Authentication FAQ:
MIT IS&T certificates guide:

Cate does our student payroll, so contact her with your questions.

Updated 4/1/2020 cg

Coverage and Subs

  • If you have questions about who is responsible for a shift, consult the print schedule at the desk or the online version here.
  • You must cover your shifts or find a sub from our list.
  • Use muslib to request a sub for your shift, but be sure someone agrees to take it! Continue to post for coverage until the shift is taken.
  • If your e-mail message didn't produce a sub, contact people directly. The list of student staff is on the staff bulletin board outside Forrest's office.
  • If it's on a weekday when we're here and the person scheduled to work after you hasn't shown up, ask Cate or Forrest to cover. Make sure they know you need coverage BEFORE YOU LEAVE.
  • If you're here alone and the person scheduled to work after you doesn't show up:
    • Try reaching the person by phone
    • email muslib to alert other staff
    • phone other people from the student staff and see if they can come in
    • Use Slack to reach out to Hayden staff or call them directly, 3-5671.

You may not close the library without permission or leave it unstaffed!

updated 4/1/2020 cg

Need Help?

For Help, contact:

  • Audio Lab, listening equipment, music software on the iMacs: leave a note or e-mail Forrest
  • Binding and repair things or ordering questions: ask Cate
  • Circulation, Reserves, student schedule and payroll: Cate
  • Bigger problems: contact Nina
  • Really an Emergency: still let Nina know

If there is a question of Lewis Music Library policies, it may be documented in this guide. You may also call Cate, Forrest or Nina at the numbers below. Never feel that you need to argue with patrons about our policies. Use e-mail if you just want to tell us about something.

  • Nina:
    c 617-791-0961
    MIT  x3-5636
  • Forrest:
    h 401-728-0838
    MIT x3-0982
  • Cate:
    c 617-767-4142
    MIT x3-7389