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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Shifts & Timesheets

September 2021 Open/Close Procedures

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Timesheets and Payroll

The MIT payroll week runs from Monday morning through Sunday night. Each week, enter your hours for by Sunday night. Time sheets are approved by noon on Monday.

If you forget to enter hours, the system will lock you out from 5pm on Monday until 3pm on Tuesday. Wait for the system to open again, then enter hours for the days and times you worked. Your time sheet will be processed during the next approval period, which will delay your pay.

  1. Go to Atlas
  2. Click on Time and Vacation Entry
  3. Click on Time Sheet Entry
  4. Enter the times you worked (to the nearest quarter of an hour).
  5. Leave a note at the bottom of your time sheet saying exactly when you worked.
    Just say something exciting like “Mon. 9-11a” or “Mon 9a-9p”

Useful links:
Duo Two-factor Authentication FAQ:
MIT IS&T certificates guide:

Contact your student supervisor(s) with questions.

4/13/2022 lcb

Shifts and Coverage

The student schedule is on a google calendar shared with you. Please let your supervisor(s) know if you have trouble accessing it.

Finding coverage:

  • In the event that you can't make a shift, you are responsible for finding coverage. To get a sub, email the muslib listserv. 
    • Add "shift coverage needed" + date and time to your email subject when requesting coverage help.
  • Continue to bump in muslib until your shift is taken.
    • When you have found coverage, email muslib again letting everyone know that the shift is covered and who is covering it. Change the email subject to include: "Coverage found" + date and time.
    • Even if you have worked out shift coverage privately in last-minute scenarios, please still email muslib the final details of what shift is being covered and by whom. We will only assume shift coverage has been resolved when we see that final confirmation email. This also helps Lewis staff when it comes time to approving timesheets.
  • If your email didn't produce a sub, contact student workers directly. A printed student staff contact sheet is on the staff bulletin board outside Laura's office. Last resort: get in touch with your supervisor(s) and tell us what's going on.

If the next student hasn't shown up to their shift:

  • If it's on a weekday when we're here and the person scheduled to work after you hasn't shown up, ask Lewis staff to cover. Make sure they know you need coverage before you leave.
  • If you're here alone and the person scheduled to work after you doesn't show up:
    • Try reaching the person by phone
    • email muslib to alert other staff
    • phone other people from the student staff and see if they can come in
    • Use Slack to reach out to Hayden staff or call them directly, 617-253-5671.
  • You may not close the library without permission or leave it unstaffed!

Missing shifts:

  • If you are sick, please email Lewis staff/your supervisors as soon as you can before the start of your shift. Simply not showing up isn't an option. When you are sick, we will find desk coverage for you. It is important that you rest up and feel better!
  • We also understand that emergencies happen. Do your absolute best to get in touch with your superivor(s) in advance of an upcoming shift you need to miss. (Email, texting or calling our cell phones is perfectly fine.) We want you to be ok, but we will need to sort out who is staffing the desk. Any notice will help.
  • If you miss a shift without giving notice, this will be considered a strike. 3 strikes, and we will need to review whether or not you can continue working at Lewis. 
  • Please, please talk to us if you are having a difficult time making your shifts or if you need to adjust your schedule—even if it's in the middle of a semester. We can be flexible with how many or how few hours you are scheduled, but it is easier to do this if we communicate! We want working at Lewis to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience for you, and we are here to support you.


4/13/2022 lcb