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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Opening/Closing

September 2021 Open/Close Procedures

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This page provides instructions on how to open and close Lewis:

*Ask Lewis staff if you need a reminder on how to find and access the Lewis key (lock box) 

11/7/2022 lcb

Opening the Lewis Music Library


  • Retrieve key from lockbox and open up Lewis. 
  • Lock up Lewis until it's 10 AM, reopen at 10. (Return key to lockbox.)
  • Turn on lights (including glass display case light). It is important to have the lights on and the library OPEN by 10am.
  • Do a walk through:
    • Check for damage or leaking
    • Make sure upstairs doors are open for ventilation
      • (game room, study room, conference room)
    • Test public catalog terminals for normal operation; reboot if needed
    • Collect any books and scores from study tables and add to book cart under stairs
    • Bring the book cart from under the stairs to the circulation desk (to process in Alma)
  • Remove the lid from the headphone compartment; tuck behind circ desk.
  • Log in to Alma and process any books collected from book cart in Alma: "Register In-House Use"
    • How to mark an item used in Alma:
      • Fulfillment → Scan In Items
      • Select "Register in-house use"→ Scan item barcode
      • Place items on book cart for reshelving

11/7/2022 lcb

Closing the Lewis Music Library

15 minutes before closing:

  • Finish reshelving
  • Announce a 15-minute or 5-minute warning that the library is closing as needed


  • Check to make sure the library is empty before locking up!
  • Reset the space
    • Walk around and readjust chairs
    • Make sure no books are left in the copier machine
    • Check for any trash that didn't make it into receptacles
    • Collect books and scores from tables and listening carrels. Leave volumes on the book cart underneath the stairs
  • Shut down the Audio Lab (turn off speakers, workstations' main power, theremin, & turntable) 
  • Turn off the digital exhibits (Caleb's instructions at the circ desk)
  • Check that all audio and video equipment in carrels, group listening room, and listening lounge are turned off; turn off electronic pianos
    • Make sure all the iMacs are logged out. Computers should stay on.
  • Replace lid from headphone compartment at circulation desk.
  • Turn off library lights (including Audio Lab and glass display case light)
  • Close the door behind circulation desk. (It should be locked.)
  • Exit library through front door.
  • Lock up! Get key from lockbox to lock door. Return key to lockbox.

Note: double coverage on the closing shift is to provide for your personal safety, but also to get the books & scores shelved.

11/7/2022 lcb

Where are the lights?

Lewis lights locations:

In reading room (1st floor):

  • 1 switch on far column, behind current journal issues
  • 1 switch beside the computer terminal under the stairs
  • [The lights over the reference books should be on all the time (switches are inside the cage).]

Mezzanine level:

  • 2 switches at the top of the stairs to the right (around the corner from Prof. Harris' portrait)
  • 4 switches to the left of Prof. Harris' portrait
  • lights over the listening carrels (individual switches on each light)

At circulation desk:

  • 1 switch inside door on the right, above the fire extinguisher
  • 8 switches on the wall behind the door

2/1/2022 lcb

Turning on/off the Audio Lab

The Audio Lab needs to be turned off every night. In the following order, please turn off:

  1. Speakers (1 switch on back of right-side speaker) *Turn speakers off before main power switch to protect speakers from blowing out
  2. Theremin (1 power switch if still on)
  3. Turntable (1 power knob if still on )
  4. “Main power” switch Workstation #1
  5. “Main power” switch Workstation #2

*The speakers need to be the first to go off and the last to go on.

11/7/2022 lcb