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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Equipment in Lewis

September 2021 Open/Close Procedures

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This page has more information on the equipment and software available at Lewis.
Important link! --> Equipment at Lewis
(Refer to the Lewis Music Library's website for a detailed list of circulating equipment as well as equipment and software available in the library. This information is publicly available.)
2/2/2022 lcb

Available equipment in Lewis rooms

A breakdown of what can be found in each room at Lewis:

14E-108M Study room equipment:

  • a whiteboard

14E-106M Conference room (dedicated to the late MIT Professor Roy Lamson) equipment:

  • Large screen with HDMI cable already hooked up
  • An adaptor for Mac computers (to connect to HDMI cord) is available for checkout at the desk
  • A box of conference call equipment is also available at desk

14E-114M Gaming room equipment:

  • Contains large screen TV with VCR, laser disc player, & DVD player
    • TV remote available at desk
  • Xbox 360
    • controllers, guitar controllers, and Xbox games all available at desk
    • *info on Lewis Xbox login is in the black binder at desk

14E-115: the Lewis Music Library Audio Lab has two iMac workstations containing identical software. (Click on the link for full list of available software/hardware in the Audio Lab.) Some further notes below:

  • Station #1 is hooked up to Mother 32 and to Minotaur. There are patch cords in the drawers of both equipment stands.
  • Station #2 has a mic for speech input to record a podcast
  • The theremin can be used with either station
  • There are additional microphones and cords behind the circulation desk that are available for check out and "in-room" use.
  • Users can check out a set of the special Beyer headphones (kept in the barcoded bags on the Zoom shelf)

Last updated 1/31/2022 lcb

Computers and software

iMacs & special music software

  • Lewis has 5 iMacs that host specialist music notational and audio editing software. (e.g. Finale, Sibelius, REAPER.) 
  • Audio and music software are intended for the MIT community. Kerberos login required.
  • One iMac is located on the first floor in the reading room, for accessibility reasons.
  • The other 4 iMacs are upstairs on the mezzanine level. 
  • The iMac at the very top of the stairs has different software from the others. It has Wavepad and is a digitization station. 

Public Computers

  • Public catalog computers are intended for library use. They do not support encryption.
  • 2 public computers are by the circ desk, 1 is by the stairs.

4/13/2022 lcb

Study carrels and analog machines

Upstairs on the mezzanine level, you will find 4 numbered study carrels that host some analog machines, available for public use:

  • Study Carrel 1: CD player, cassette deck, and turntable
  • Study Carrel 2: VCR and DVD player
  • Study Carrel 3: CD player and turntable
  • Study Carrel 4: Laserdisc player

In addition, there are 3 CD player stations by the tub chairs:

1/31/2022 lcb

Scanner/copier & printer

We have both a scanner and black & white printer located on the 1st floor of Lewis, next to the stairs.

  • The printer is searchable on as “lewis-p.” (Click for more Info on printing at MIT.)
  • Currently, print jobs are immediately released upon being sent to print.
  • In the event of a machine malfunction, direct users over to Hayden for their printing/copying needs.

A note on music copyright:

Users may not connect anything to our listening equipment to make copies. The scanner/copier and the audio reproduction software should meet most users' needs for copies. Users who feel that they have a special case should talk to Avery.

Updated 2/1/2022 lcb

2/1/2022 lcb

Pianos & keyboards

Electronic pianos:

Lewis has two electronic pianos available for practicing that are first-come, first-served:

  • 1 is next to the board games, near the scanner/copier
  • 1 is upstairs on the mezzanine level
  • Users will need a set of headphones (headphone jack is located under the left end of the keyboard). Can check out at desk.

Studio upright piano in reading room:

This was purchased with the Class of 1982 Music Library Fund in late 2013. It may be used for events held at Lewis.

Info on other campus pianos:

  • Outside of Lewis, Building 4 has practice rooms and the Student Center has a few piano practice rooms as well. Students will need to have their IDs activated to access these rooms.
  • MTA is responsible for the Building 4 practice rooms.
  • The Campus Activities Complex is responsible for the piano rooms on the 4th floor of the Stratton Student Center; MIT ID, application and activation of ID required. For applications or questions contact W20-500, x3-3913.

2/1/2022 lcb