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Lewis Music Library Student Manual: Spaces

September 2021 Open/Close Procedures

Contents of this tab/ Maintaining our space

On this page is more information on the physical spaces in Lewis:

Maintaining our space:

Let's keep Lewis tidy and clean. Space maintenance is generally built into opening and closing procedures. But as you walk around Lewis during your shift, you can assist by:

  • pushing chairs in at tables
  • putting books and scores left out on tables on the cart beneath the stairs
  • keeping circulation desk tidy

2/4/2022 lcb

Lewis rooms and usage

14E-108M Study Room

  • First come, first served. (No reservations are possible.)

14E-106M Conference Room

  • First come, first served.
  • We intend this space to be used as a communal space, so the door should stay open. 
  • Please note that the conference room can be scheduled by staff/faculty, but not by students. 

14E-114M Gaming Room

  • May be scheduled at or at iPad outside door. (Scan MIT ID to start) Otherwise, first-come, first-served.

14E-115 Audio Lab

  • May be scheduled at or at iPad outside door. (Scan MIT ID to start.)

  • We ask users to make reservations, even if it's available for a walk-in. This way we can track room use.

  • The Audio Lab has two separate workstations that can be scheduled. If a user is audio editing, one station will suffice. If a user wants to record something like a podcast, they are advised to reserve both Audio Lab stations in order to have the room to themselves. 

    • The Audio Lab is not a recording studio; no acoustic instruments, singing, etc. Podcasts are OK

  • Key for Audio Lab lives at circulation desk. You may unlock the Audio Lab for users. Do not give key to users.

  • No food, drink, or guests. MIT community members only (students, faculty staff)

  • Encourage users to take our Audio Lab survey!


7/11/2022 lcb

Elevator (chair lift)

The "elevator" is really a handicapped-access chair lift to the mezzanine.

  • Anyone unable to get upstairs is entitled to use it.
  • Transport for a disabled person (crutches, wheelchair), not intended as a passenger elevator.
  • Controls are locked ON; no key is needed to operate it.
  • If you can, accompany the person to the elevator and demonstrate how it works.
  • A linked set of keys marked "Door to chair lift" and "Lift key" are kept in the front drawer at the Circulation Desk, but normally they will not be needed.

2/1/2022 lcb

Shelving locations


  • BRWS "Browsery": Reference, DVDs, shelved by call number (except a few marked MEDIA)
  • MEDIA: CDs, VHS videotapes, laserdiscs, a few audio tapes and cassettes, and a few rare and out-of-print DVDs which are marked MEDIA and should be shelved near the ZOOM recorders
  • STACK: scores, books
  • RSERV: reserve
  • REF (reference): dictionaries, encyclopedia, indexes
  • OVRSZ (oversize): large format scores and books
  • LMTED (limited access, behind the locked cage door): facsimiles, rare items, Inventions of Note sheet music, and other special collections materials
  • CIRCD (circulation desk): oversize booklets for media volumes
  • JRNAL: the latest issue of each journal is in the display rack at the end of the reading room; previous issues are kept in the back room. Bound journals are sent to storage.
  • LSA (Library Storage Annex) and LSA/OCC (Off Campus Collection): Lewis materials such as LP records, bound journals, and additional books, serials, scores, and CDs are in storage at the Annex. They can be requested in "Search Our Collections" and may circulate.

1/24/2022 lcb


Displays & exhibits:

Various exhibits are displayed in the Lewis Music Library's glass display case during the year to highlight diverse materials from our collections. Some of our best exhibits have been prepared by student staff; if you have an idea for one, talk to us about it!

  • Lewis has two glass case displays, one inside the library, one in the hall. 

There is also a large cork board at the entrance where flyers can be posted upon approval.

  • Typically these flyers are for music/arts events at MIT or in the Boston area.
  • Flyers can be left at desk for staff to post. Students may use their best judgement and put up posters.

4/13/2022 lcb

Lost and Found

  • We keep a small Lost and Found at the circ desk (on the drawer beneath the sensitizing machine)
  • We can also call the Hayden desk to see if anything has been brought there. (x3-5671)
  • All Lost and Found items eventually make their way to MIT Police Lost and Found.

2/4/2022 lcb

Spaces outside Lewis

  • E14 - this is a good building to know, because MIT's Media Lab is located at building E14. Occasionally, users confuse E14 with 14E (our building). Fortunately, building E14 is not too far!
  • Music and Theater Arts (MTA) has a number of practice rooms, classrooms, and recital halls available for use upon request. Visit their website for info on how to request these spaces. 


1/31/2022 lcb