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Selector's Toolkit: Wish lists

resources for collection analysis

About wish lists

There are nine wish list spreadsheets (two per CoP, two central, and one for OA support) which selectors can use to recommend new serials and other resources for purchase with central funds.  There are two types of wish lists:

  • Wish list 1: Candidates for one-time purchase, e.g., journal backfiles, e-book packages, digitized primary sources.
  • Wish list 2: Candidates for ongoing subscription, e.g., journals, databases, serial resources.

Things to know about wish lists:

  • Include information for price, terms, rationale, faculty interest
  • Prioritization is done by CoPs and/or collection strategists
  • All selectors should have access to all nine Google Docs (contact your collection strategist if you don't have access).