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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Imagery


MIT has a subscription to Planet satellite imagery. 

Get an account:

  1. Contact GIS Services for an account.
  2. Review the MIT Planet license before use (see below).
  3. Consult the Planet Developer Center and Planet University for information on using the products.
  4. Download data via Planet Explorer, the Planet API, or via integrations with QGIS, ArcGIS Pro and Google Earth Engine.
  5. Questions? Search the Planet Community or contact Planet support.

By default your account will expire a year from the date it was created. Email us if you need your account re-activated.

With an account you get access to the following data:

  • PlanetScope 3-Band/4-Band Scenes
  • PlanetScope OrthoTiles
  • Sentinel-2 Tiles 
  • Landsat 8 Scenes
  • Global Monthly/Quarterly Mosaics (can be downloaded or streamed into GIS software)
  • MODIS (Aqua/Terra) data (only available via the API)

We have access to a small amount of SkySat (.5m resolution) imagery (current and archival). Contact GIS Services to discuss your project and data availability. PlanetScope imagery are available at a 3m to 5m resolution depending on location.

Our subscription includes full access to the Orders API.

Accounts include an annual download quota of 10,000 km2. If you reach the quota, contact us and we should be able to increase it. Note that certain imagery, such as Landsat, MODIS, etc. are available from the free sources listed below and we recommend using these sources instead of Planet so you don't use your quota.

Free imagery sources

Imagery Vendors