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Finding Information: Find other information

Tips on how to find scholarly information for your research.

Finding other kinds of information

Other types of information you may need include:

  • classics
  • newspapers
  • images
  • specialized reports
  • data
  • statistics
  • GIS
  • patents
  • standards
  • conference proceedings
  • e-books

Publications outside of journal articles and books can be tricky to find.  Try these resources, created by MIT Librarians, to help you identify information on your topic:

Research Guides.  Several of these guides are specific to various kinds of information types.  For example:

Browse the Research Guides subject listings for more areas of interest to your research.

Images.  Use these sources to find high-quality images of buildings as well as GIS information:

  • ARTstor - subscription image database (includes art and architecture) - MIT only
  • Dome - MIT's digital image repository
  • MIT GeoWeb - provides web access to the MIT Geodata Repository, an international collection of GIS data. GIS data can be used for creating maps and doing geographic analysis.