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NE36: NE36 Admins Reference Page

NE36 building information for residents and visitors

Purpose of This Guide

This guide is meant to be used by the NE36 Administrative Assistant team to answer common questions about space-related concerns in NE36.


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NE36 Administrative Assistants:

NE36 Managers:


Keyboard Installations

For one-off requests, use the spares we currently have in stock in the utility closet (6113b) and submit an install request via

If there’s a need to place a new order due to a large number of requests:

  • First check to see if other NE36 admins have similar requests so you can consolidate orders.
  • Use Creative Office Pavilion by contacting either Theresa Albano ( or Erik Booth ( and cc the Libraries' facilities team ( They will work with you to draft a quote, and then they’ll post the final quote on B2P for you to approve for a PO.
  • The standard model options being used across the floor are listed below. Please stick with these unless there is a special need so we can continue to repurpose them across the floor if/as needed.
    • Workwrite Standard Platform System (Classic board thickness) at 22”
    • Workwrite Standard Banana-Board System (Classic board thickness) at 22”
  • When submitting the requisition, use the Furnishings account, 1607554, and notify the Libraries' facilities team (

Requests for other furnishings, including standing desks

Please follow the guidelines on the "Furnishings" account section of the Admin Assistants Resource Guide: Central Accounts page of Staff Web. Note that VPF guidelines do not allow for furniture to be purchased on a Procurement Card.

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Name Tags

Name plate backings and printed name plates can be ordered from Nap's Dealer Supply.

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Building Access Badges

The main entrance to NE36/105 Broadway is open, with the security desk staffed, Monday through Friday from 6AM to 6PM (excluding holidays). For access outside of these hours, staff will need an access badge from Biogen (separate from their MIT ID card).

Biogen access badges are available to staff who are based in NE36, or staff whose jobs may require them to access the building during off hours; other Libraries staff will not be issued Biogen access cards.

Cards can be requested by new staff, or staff who are relocating to NE36, here. Please note that the turnaround time on these badges usually takes at least two weeks.

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Trash, Recycling, Compost

See this page on the NE36 Staff Guide for general information for staff who need information on how to dispose of an item.

Disposing of really large items, like wooden pallets, requires reaching out to SBM, our janitorial contractor.

Electronic waste, printer toner cartridges, and plastic bags/film are picked up by MIT Facilities. A work order must be created in Atlas to do so. Because NE36 is not listed in the pull-down section of pickup locations, choose building W20 and room 021 from the list, and then write in "Actual location is NE36-6101" in the section asking for more detailed location information.

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Key Lockbox

The key lockbox is mounted to the wall in the utility closet next to the kitchenette. The combination for the lockbox is stored in a shared LastPass folder; if you are an administrative assistant who needs access, email the NE36 admins list

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Copy Stations and Multi-Function Copy Machines

There are two copy stations in NE36 suite 6101. They each host a multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax machine.

The multi-function printers are serviced through MIT's CopyTech (for both service and supplies). Info on CopyTech's printer/copier management program (including contact information) can be found here. CopyTech does regular service checks, and monitors machine statuses, including toner levels. If a machine does run out of toner, CopyTech can be contacted with the information on their site.

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