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NE36: Conference Rooms and Shared Spaces

NE36 building information for residents and visitors


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Please see the NE36 Norms page for information about using communal spaces.

Conference Rooms

View a complete listing of the NE36 conference rooms, including capacities and AV capabilities, here: NE36 Conference Rooms

Please note: Conference rooms on the 6th floor should always be used by 6th floor residents before the three available Libraries specific conference rooms on the 7th floor.  As the 7th floor is shared with other DLCs, we should make every effort to utilize the resources we already have before encroaching on the shared swing space on the 7th floor.

Email support requests to For AV-specific issues, please be sure to put "Libraries -NE36 AV" in the subject line, so it will be routed to the ITS ticket queue immediately.


Fridges and Food

Please be sure all your food is labeled with your name and the date you opened it.

Please do not take others' food/drinks without permission.

If you'd like to share food, please leave it on the counter in the kitchen, on a table in Orbitee, or in the left-most section of the fridge. Please label it to let everyone know that it's communal. (The magnetic whiteboards on the fridge can be used to let everyone know about shared items being stored in there.)

Fridge cleanouts happen on the last Friday of every month. Our custodial service will throw out everything—container and all—that is undated, past the date on the packaging, about to expire, or that looks spoiled. Our custodial service does not clean out the freezer.

Coffee Service

Coffee is free. Sugar and shelf-stable milk are available for free as well. Extra coffee airpots, sugar, and milk can be found in one of the cabinets under the coffee machine. Additional beans and coffee filters are located in the upper cabinets to the left of the coffee machine.

If you'd like a different kind of sugar or creamer, please bring your own, or coordinate with colleagues to buy a larger container to share.

Orbitee Multi-Purpose Room

The Orbitee Room is blocked out every weekday from 11:30AM-1:30PM for staff lunch time. The room may be reserved for events outside of these times by booking the room via Outlook (under the resource name LIB: NE36-6106 Orbitee), or by tapping your MIT ID on the card pad by the room entrance and creating a booking on the iPad mounted there.

If you will be rearranging the furniture for an event, please reset the furniture the way you originally found it.

A description of the capacity and AV can be found here on the NE36 Conference Rooms guide.

Hotelling Space

Libraries staff and guests should feel free to work in the north and south hotelling space if they need a touch-down spot. There are lockers available in both spots for storage while working in NE36, as well as coat racks.