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NE36: Mail, Shipping, and Deliveries

NE36 building information for residents and visitors


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NE36 Administrative Assistants:

NE36 Managers:

Directions to NE36

Shipping/Mailing Address

Please have all mail addressed to:

6th Floor Residents: 105 Broadway, Suite 6101, MIT Libraries, Cambridge, MA  02142

The billing street address for procurement and travel cards is: 77 Massachusetts Avenue, and the billing zip code is: 02139. If you are having issues with a credit card being declined for an online purchase, check the billing street address and zip code.

If you need to include additional delivery directions, please see the "Directions to NE36" sidebar.

USPS delivers mail to the 6th floor suite once per day. They will ring the doorbell and bring all mail to the central mail station for Libraries staff to sort. Parcels/larger packages should all go to the south entrance and be left on the processing table outside of the Sirius conference room.

Other delivery services (UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc.) can get into the elevator lobby, and can ring one of our doorbells (at both the north and south entrances) to be let into our suite. Please direct all packages/parcels to the south entrance, when possible. Heavy items or items for Acquisitions and Appraisal can go to the processing table outside of the Sirius conference room.

If you are expecting a package, please check your mailbox or the processing table outside of the Sirius conference room. Delivery drivers may also sometimes leave packages outside of one of our suite doors.

Interoffice Mail

MIT Mail Services picks up outgoing mail once per day, when dropping off interoffice mail. Outgoing mail on the 6th floor is located in the bottom right side of the mail center. Please separate into one of three categories: campus (including stamped USPS), domestic (needing a stamp), and international (needing a stamp).

Interoffice mail for Libraries Staff in NE36 should be addressed to NE36-6101 for 6th floor staff.

Please check your mailbox on a regular basis.

Empty interoffice envelopes can be found in copy stations and in the top right section of the 6th floor mail station.

Libraries Deliveries

IDLA comes to the South entrance every day during the academic year and Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri during the summer. They usually arrive before 9AM and can carry up to 4 bins. They cannot count on access to the loading dock, so we cannot ask them to take more without consulting them.

Please make sure items are clearly marked with their destination. Right now, we are not mixing bins.

Everything should be in a bin or a Paige Box.

NE36 Mail Forwarding Policy

This policy covers: 

  • Employees who are fully remote, or on sabbatical
  • Employees who are on extended medical leave, or parental leave
  • Employees who have departed the Libraries 

This policy does NOT extend to employees on hybrid schedules or those who do regular site visits.

On request of the employee, NE36 admins will forward mail to another US postal address.

If we do not hear from an employee who has left MIT for six months, we will recycle their mail.
Circulars and advertisements for remote or departed employees will be periodically recycled unless otherwise requested by the employee.