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NE36: Supplies and Furnishings

NE36 building information for residents and visitors


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Office supplies are located at the three copier stations on the 6th floor and one copier station on the 7th. The cabinets at each station hold paper, general office supplies, and mailing supplies.

See below for info on requesting or ordering supplies.

First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are located in the 6th floor kitchen (by the left-most sink), by the north hoteling space (across from the entrance to the Rigel conference room), by the south hoteling space (at the Metzli copy station), in the Wellness room, and in an as yet to be determined location on the 7th floor. There are signs hanging on the nearby walls or cabinets to indicate the location of the first aid boxes. The 6th floor kitchen has some additional supplies, like antacids, in the cabinet above the first aid kit.


Office and kitchen supplies can be requested via this form. If you use the last of something (paper towels, copy paper, shelf-stable milk, first aid supplies, etc.) or notice that something is running low, please submit an order request using the form. Submitting requests for office supplies is a responsibility of everyone in NE36.

Requests for computers, peripherals (such as keyboards, cables, adapters, etc.), and software should be made by creating a ticket in Jira Service Management under Desktop Support. Please do not submit these requests via the office supply order form.

Furniture requests follow the same general purchasing guidelines that apply to the rest of the Libraries and MIT. Keyboard trays and standing desks are specialty items for our workstations, and may require some lead time to allow for purchase and for installation by Biogen facilities.