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NE36: Office Norms

NE36 building information for residents and visitors


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NE36 Administrative Assistants:

NE36 Managers:

NE36 Norms Group

Concerns about the norms document can be sent to the NE36 norms group at:

The NE36 Norms Group members are:

  • Habibe Artemiev
  • Matt Bernhardt
  • Nicole Hanafin
  • Kelly Hopkins
  • Renée Hellenbrecht
  • Rhonda Kauffman
  • Sally Richter
  • Tim Rix


NE36 Norms

The norms document addresses:

  • Community Goals
  • Community Spaces
  • Personal spaces
  • Communal spaces
  • Meeting spaces
  • Practices and events
  • Raising concerns about norms
  • Ownership of this document