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NE36: Emergency Procedures

NE36 building information for residents and visitors


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First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are located in the 6th floor kitchen (by the left-most sink), by the north hoteling space (across from the entrance to the Rigel conference room), by the south hoteling space (at the Metzli copy station), in the Wellness room, and in an as yet to be determined location on the 7th floor. There are signs hanging on the nearby walls or cabinets to indicate the location of the first aid boxes. The 6th floor kitchen has some additional supplies, like antacids, in the cabinet above the first aid kit.

NE36: Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency in your area, please dial 911.

Please immediately notify Building Security of any emergencies. Dial 617-914-9000 after dialing 911. In the event of an evacuation alarm sounding or an overhead announcement, employees must evacuate the building and go to the rally point.

  • Do not use the elevator in any emergency evacuation.
  • While evacuating, move in a prompt and orderly manner.
  • Please note the location of all fire and pull stations in your area.
  • Notify your supervisor or co-workers of any special needs that may be relevant during an emergency. If necessary, arrange to have assistance.
  • Do not leave the property.
  • Do not re-enter the building unless instructed to do so by fire safety officials.
  • The safe evacuation of visitors is the responsibility of the employee who is hosting the visitor. The visitor must go to the same staging area as the employee.
  • Fire drills will be coordinated by Biogen. In the event of a drill or actual emergency, while using the stairs to exit the building, please remain quiet and calm and stay to the right side of the stairs to allow first responders easy access to the building.

NE36 (105 Broadway Building 7) Evacuation Rally Point