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Biological Data and Atlases: Biological Data

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Biological Data
Find a list of resources with specific biological data

Atlas Resources
Find a list of electronic and print biological atlases


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Find it in the Reference Collection

Quantities, symbols, units, and abbreviations in the life sciences : a guide for authors and editors
Need to know the pharmacological abbreviation for "minimum lethal dose"? Try page 91.
Forgot what an ORF is? pg 49.

Biology Data Book
Need to know how many chromosomes a Lemur has?  Volume 1, Part I, Section 1.
Want to know what type of parasites can be found on strawberries? Volume 2, Part VIII, Section 124

Handbook of Biological Data
Need to know how much the brain of a Rhesus monkey weighs? Page 163.
Do you need body temperatures of mammals or birds? Pages 343-344.

The elemental composition of human tissues and body fluids : a compilation of values for adults
Need to know all the chemical elements that can be found in the human adult brain? Pages 31-35.

Anthropometric Source Book
Need to know the right hand grasping reach for men (on average)? Volume 1, page V-22.

Love macadamia nuts? Find out how much water is in 100g. Page 29.
Need a pathway to steroid hormone biosynthesis? Page 457.

Geigy Scientific Tables
What's the blood oxygen pressure in newborns? Volume 3, page 74.
Curious about autopsy data of the human heart? Volume 5, page 63.

Practical Handbook of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Need to know something about the luminescence of tryptophan? Page 91.
Curious what the fattest fatty acid is? Pages 526-527.

Protein stability and folding: a collection of thermodynamic data
Need to know the Gibbs energy change of Glycoprotein? Page 126.