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The MIT Libraries Softball team

Welcome to the Bibliotechs home page.

The Bibliotechs are the MIT Library Staff Association's softball team, composed of library employees, their families, and friends. They have been playing in the MIT Community Summer Softball League for 33 years.

Bibliotechs come from all walks of life: among the members of past teams have been a film-maker, a taxi-driver, a Dutch volleyball champion, a Pushcart Poetry prizewinner, a former member of the seminal rock group The Velvet Underground and the legendary '60s Boston garage band The Lost, a past president of the New England Herpetological Society, an MIT Museum curator who has met and talked to Lady Gaga, and the screenwriter of the highly regarded documentary, "For The Love Of Music" about the famous folk music Club 47 in Cambridge.

After several years in the Kentucky Fry League's Extra-Krispy and Barrell Divisions, the Bibliotechs moved up to the Serious Slow Pitch League. In 2000 the Bibs advanced to the semifinal round of the playoffs! The 2001 and 2002 teams also went to the playoffs, and the 2003 team advanced to the rarefied environment of the Championship Game! The 2004 team fell just short of the playoffs, but they returned to the playoff level in 2005 and 2006. In 2007, the Bibs underwent a transformative rebuilding season, and in 2008, they bounced back to the playoff level, making it to the semi-finals. Then, in 2009, after a brilliant season, they got all the way to the finals! The 2010 season featured another playoff appearance, and in 2011 they clawed their way back to the semi-finals. 2012 was not their year, but they attained the playoff semi-finals once again in 2013, and hope finally to go all the way in 2014!

The Bibliotechs spring from an ancient bardic and musical tradition which has resulted in a profusion of Bibliotech anthems of a celebratory, exhortative, or ceremonial nature.

You may want to consult this field map if you are going to a game.

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