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Bibliotechs: 1997 Bibliotechs: Extra-Krispy League

The MIT Libraries Softball team


1997 Bibliotechs: We're Going To Disneyland!


    My oh my pour me some of that Vouvray
    Pass me a cracker spread with pate
    Golden Had-dock on my shoul-der
    It's the truth
    It's gospel
    We're proof that anything's possible
    Biblio-doodah, etc.



With a song in their hearts, a smile on their lips, and a buzzing noise in their heads, the Library Staff Association's softball standard-bearers, the Bibliotechs, after enduring on Aug. 8 a final Night of the Living Sharp Shooters and emerging victorious with a 9-1 record for the summer, celebrated their 20th season of existence by breaking out the victory donuts and assuming the undisputed championship! of the MIT Community Summer Softball Kentucky Fry League's Extra-Krispy Division. Bibs rule, other teams drool!

And you know that.

At the on-field victory celebration, Forrest Larson was honored as Bibliotech Rookie of the Year, Ed and Debbie Kruzel were cited for their heroic season-long provisioning of refreshments, Ben Brau and Al Davies were applauded for their world-class consumption of the self-same refreshments, and co-captains Nancy Heywood (see ill.)and Walter Powers (see ill.) were co-awarded the coveted Golden Haddock. Captain Heywood combined blowtorch intensity with an instinct for gracious living to turn around the team's indifferent showing of last year - she inspired both with her firm, cool leadership and by personal example, and by inculcating in all Bibliotechs the central tenet of the Bibliotech Creed: that every nuance of the bizarre is a critique of the banal. (Powers, the Oldest Surviving Bibliotech, was gifted, at the championship dinner held later that evening in the Clown Room of Somerville's famous Hacienda Restaurant, with a bepedastaled softball autographed by his teammates, in honor of his 20 years of "showing up." Powers was obviously quite touched, collapsing several times while being assisted up to the dais.)


We wish to congratulate and thank all the Library Staff Association members and friends and relatives who participated, and who constitute the 1997 Bibliotech Nation. The Roll Call of Champions: Liz "Walk On The Wild Side" Andrews, Donna "Butterbean" Ashley, Dan "The Man" Belich, Ben "Accelerator" Brau, Ronnie "Firestarter" Broadfoot, Matt "Chunker" Burke, Moses "Bright Light on Dark Matter" Carr, Ray "Wrecking Ball" and Doreen Charbonneau, Paul "Emergency" Collins, Al "The Wall" and Kathy and Erin Davies, John "The Man Who Knew Too Much" De Lancey and Helena Chang, Stuart "Big Up To Beantown" Dischell, Darcy "The Dominator" Duke, Jon "Top Fuel" Eichman, Charlene "The Dream" Follett, Bruce "The Bruce" Hamilton, Kathy "World B. Ready" and Ken and Rachel and Isaac Hamilton, Nancy "Captain Crunch" Heywood, Arthur "King Krispy" Johnson, Tom "The Kissing Bandit" Johnson, Bill "Can't Touch This" Keaveny, Debbie "Hot Load" and Ed "Fast Eddie" Kruzel, Forrest "The Rook" Larson, Luc "Ockham's Hammer" Lucas, Joe "The Lithoclast" Martinez, Molly "Prime Time" Moss, Christine "Next Stop: Mir" and Tony "Big Train" Moulen, Karen "Down With Corners" and Timothy Mueller-Harder, Ann "Apres Moi, Le Fromage" Powers, Walter "Occupado" Powers, Arnie "Money Shot" Sheinfeld, Dave "Quad Damage" Sheridan, Rick "The Grim Reaper" and Mary and John and Anna Smokovich, Gerald "El Penitente" Spica, Portia "Hotspur" Vescio, Thom "Tommy the Hat" Wagner, and Jos "The Yet" Wanschers. Wherever you are, you will always be the 1997 champion Bibliotechs!

1997 Bibliotechs Schedule


Kentucky Fry League, Extra Krispy Division


(All games on Friday at 5:30, except Wednesday, June 11 and Thursday, July 3 at 5:30)

  • May 30 Bibliotechs at SpeechChainGang (W, 11-6)
  • June 6 Bibliotechs at Fly! Fat-Ass! Fly! (W, 7-0, forfeit)
  • !June 11! Bibliotechs at Alcator (W, 7-3)
  • June 27 Bibliotechs at Dirtballs (W, 17-14)
  • !July 3! SpeechChainGang at Bibliotechs (W, 22-7)
  • July 11 Off-Axis at Bibliotechs (W, 29-16)
  • July 18 Alcator at Bibliotechs (W, 12-11)
  • July 25 Dirtballs at Bibliotechs (L, 11-12)
  • August 1 Sharp Shooters at Bibliotechs (W, 26-6)
  • August 8 Bibliotechs at Sharp Shooters (W, 21-16)

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