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Bibliotechs: 2002 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

Bibliotechs 2002 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch League, Pacific Division

The 2002 Bibliotechs carried high hopes for the team's 25th anniversary year, with glorious new T-shirts struck especially for the occasion, but the season became a frustrating one for the Bibs and all the teams in the MIT Community Summer Softball League, as deteriorating field conditions led to numerous sod-outs of games, and, ultimately, to a truncated season. The Bibs finished in a 4-way tie for first place in the Pacific Division, with a 4-2 record, but by a complex tie-breaking formula involving head-to-head records, run differential, months of Sundays, wild horses, and all the tea in China, the luckless library exemplars were seeded last among firsts, and had to face the LFM No Bats in the semi-final playoff round. The young, athletic, and entitled Leaders for Manufacturing team, the eventual division champs, proved to be too much for the proud and literate Bibliotechs, beating them 9-5. Despite the playoff loss, the 25th Anniversary version added transcendant luster to the team's ongoing history, and it shall be noted, in the Big Book of the Bibs, that Dan Belich, Ronnie Broadfoot, Matt Burke, Paul Collins, John Delancey, Debbie Douglas, Darcy Duke, Jon Eichman, Charlene Follett, co-captain Steve Gass, Kathy Hamilton, Stephanie Hartman, Peter Houk, Virginia Johnson, Bill Keaveny, Debbie Kruzel, Ed Kruzel, Luc Lucas, Joe Martinez, Greg McClellan, Rob Mitchell, Christine Moulen, Tony Moulen, Ed Moynihan, Ed Murphy, Pat Page, Leland Parsons, Ann Powers, co-captain Walter Powers, Beth Siers, Suzanne Sloan, Rick Smokovich, Christa Torrens, Jos Wanschers, and Bev White, all brought their A game in 2002.

(All games on Thursday at 5:30)

  • May 23 Bibliotechs at Toxic Waste (W, 20-5)
  • May 30 Bibliotechs at ATG Dynamo #1 (W, 19-7)
  • June 6 Blood Sucking Contractors at Bibliotechs RAINED OUT
  • June 13 LFM No Bats at Bibliotechs (L, 10-12)
  • June 20 Bibliotechs at Organomets (L, 15-21)
  • June 27 Toxic Waste at Bibliotechs POSTPONED
  • July 11 ATG Dynamo #1 at Bibliotechs CANCELLED
  • July 18 Bibliotechs at Blood Sucking Contractors (make-up for June 6 rainout) (W, 5-4)
  • July 25 Toxic Waste at Bibliotechs (W, 16-6) (make-up for June 27 postponement)
  • August 1 Organomets at Bibliotechs CANCELLED

*** PLAYOFFS ***

 August 1 Bibliotechs at LFM No Bats (L, 5-9) (Playoff Semifinal Game)

Here is the field map.

Co-captains Steve Gass (253-7741, and Walter Powers (253-0600, will do whatever they can to ensure that you have a pleasant and rewarding softball experience. Thanks for flying Bibliotech!


  • May 23 - Rampaging Bibs seem to have developed a taste for Toxic Waste since last season's playoffs, downing the Chemistry team 20-5, with a massive offensive attack (2 key hits from C. Moulen) from up and down the lineup complementing sparkling, errorless D.
  • May 30 - A veritable host of Bibliotechs dominate equally lineup-heavy software powerhouse ATG Dynamo with thunderous bombing at bat, and startlingly superlative fielding, to garner a 19-7 win. The inaugural award of the Blue Shark, signifying the Bibliotech ideals of Motivation, Performance, and Resort Wear, was bestowed upon first-time player and ACL poster child Leland Parsons, who "sucked it up" and "took one for the team" injuring his knee stretching for an extra base. His example is an inspiration for Bibs everywhere!
  • June 13 - The Large Band of Bibliotechs run into buzzsaw of young capitalists from Leaders For Manufacturing, who utilize Adam Smith's "invisible hand" theory to prevail over library heroes, in a hard-fought, always close contest. Bibs look forward to rematch and opportunity to try some theories of their own.
  • June 20 - Proud Bibliotechs, perhaps overconfident against short-handed Organomet chemists, suffer stinging defeat, 21-15. It stung to high heaven! Ugly like you read about! Bibs must look deep into themselves for the Golden Haddock within, and regroup over the All-Star break.
  • July 18 - Bibliotechs overcome not only MIT/Volpe Transportation Center BS Contractors, but also anomie, drift, and blague from the long layoff, and summon up enough hamster energy to eke out a wan 5-4 victory. Big hits from Page, Gass, and game-winner from DeLancey, and strong steady play from left side of infield, carry the desultory day for Bibs.
  • July 25 - After previous week's seance, in which the Bibliotechs joined hands and attempted to contact the living, the energy started to flow in the right direction; 8 straight hits in 1st inning proved a token of things to come, as the fully-conscious and channelling Bibs contained Toxic Waste, 16-6, in 5 innings! to finish the season with a 4-2 record, good enough to secure a playoff berth.
  • August 1 - After finishing the regular season with 2 crucial wins to qualify for the final playoff position, the Amazin' Bibs once again find themselves deleted by Destiny in the semi-final playoff round, losing 9-5 in a creditable, but no less frustrating and discouraging, manner, to the very strong, but not invulnerable, first-place LFM team. The Haddock shall be dimmed for another year.

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