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Bibliotechs: 2012 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

Bibliotechs 2012 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch league, Mountain Division (SS4)

(All games on Wednesdays at 5:30)

The 2012 season proved to be a whole different disappointing ballgame for the generally effervescent Bibs, who found themselves in a newly re-orged division (Mountain) playing some very hard-nosed teams. �My nose is _hard_� they seemed to say! The result was the Bibs� first losing season in a long time, but they endured and persevered with good grace, following the leads of Captains Pat Page and Jeremiah Graves. There were bright spots to be found, some of them in the following categories (organized by Capt. Graves, bestowed by popular vote): Most Valuable Player Pat Page, Rookie of the Year Greg Martin, Gold Glove Dan Pribble, Most Improved Howard Martin, Muddy MVP Devin Willmott, and Team Spirit Walter Powers, and also very much in The Base, who cheer the players on. We love you guys, fans and playaz! Wes Austin, Patsy Baudoin, Annie Lee Bisset, Dan Belich, Beth Brennan, Ronnie Broadfoot, Moses Carr, Alex Carracuzzo, John Delancey, Debbie Douglas, Darcy Duke, Melissa Feiden, Charlene Follett, Carol Frederick, Schuyler Gaillard, Steve Gass, Diane Geraci, Dana Goblaskas, Roshni Gohil, Jeremiah Graves, Rachel Grubb, Kathy Hamilton, Katie Harris, Stephanie Hartman, Drew Hamlin, Julia Lanigan, Amy Magee, Greg Martin, Howard Martin, Joe Martinez, Grace Mlady, Christine Moulen, Pat Olson, Greg Padilla, Pat Page, Walter Powers, Dan Pribble, Carol Robinson, Ginny Such, Drew Swayze, Sean Thomas, Theresa Tobin, Bev White, Devin Wilmott, Mat Willmott, Aaron Zak and Jenna.

  • May 16 Bibliotechs at CSAIL Exponential Run Time (W, 10-9)
  • May 30 Barrel of Monkeys at Bibliotechs (L, 3-13)
  • June 6 Organomets at Bibliotechs (L, 10-36)
  • June 13 Compact Objects at Bibliotechs (Rainout)
  • June 20 Bibliotechs at Sans Blocage (L, 11-12)
  • June 27 Bibliotechs at Barrel of Monkeys (L, 18-19)
  • July 11 Bibliotechs at Compact Objects (L, 4-7)
  • July 11 Compact Objects at Bibliotechs (make-up double-header) (W, 19-15)
  • July 18 CSAIL Exponential Run Time at Bibliotechs (Rainout)
  • July 25 Sans Blocage at Bibliotechs (L, 9-14)
  • July 25 CSAIL Exponential Run Time at Bibliotechs (make-up double-header) (W, 11-6)
  • August 1 Bibliotechs at Organomets (L, 11-16)
  • August 8 Playoffs begin

Here is the field map.

Contact co-captains Pat Page ( or Jeremiah Graves( for deep background and piquant softball wisdom.


  • May 16 - Opening Day! The week's gloom had lifted, the dark clouds parted, and Bibliotechs materialized as if from an enchanted cornfield to contend with CSAIL Exponential Run Time, a laudably coed but unknown entity as an opponent. The Timers busted out of the gate in a hurry, scoring in each of the first two innings, but the Bibs kept pace and kept the game very close, until, entering the final frame, the score was tied, 9 up. Harvard's Ernst Mayr Library's liaison to the Bibs and future Bibliotech Hall-of-Famer, Ronnie Broadfoot, surveyed the situation and lined a strategic shot to right-field that made great headway on the new turf, sufficient to ensure a solo home run for the hurtling 80-yard man Broadfoot! With the Bibs up by one run, and the CSAILors with one final chance to tie the game or win it, they put 2 runners on base with one out. The next batter tapped back to the mound, and the two Lions In Summer, Steve Gass and Capt. Pat Page, combined for a bang-bang 1-6-3 double play to snuff out the CSAIL rally, and it was the End Times for Run Time. Broadfoot was unanimously celebrated as game MVP, not only for the HR but for his contributions throughout, and note should also be made of high-level play from the aforementioned Gass and Page, from Capt. Jeremiah Graves, and from 3 exciting rookie prospects: Annie Lee Bisset, Greg Martin, and Howard Martin. This season is shaping up as canonical!



  • May 30 - The Bibs were back after a one-week bye, during which their season-opening edge may have dulled a bit, or perhaps it was the potent Barrel of Monkeys attack and steady defensive play, that brought on a fairly calamitous 13-3 loss. Such are the ups and the downs in the Mountain Division! Capt. Graves highlighted the few bright spots for the Bibliotechs, awarding the Golden Haddock to Capt. Page for a round-tripper over the deepest part of the left-field fence, Silver Haddocks to Debbie Douglas and Rachel Grubb for hitting and defense, and the Bronze Haddock to Aaron Zak for an outstanding over-the shoulder catch at the warning track in right field. All good signs that point to a return to the customary winning ways of the almighty Bibliotechs!



  • June 6 - It was a brilliant sunny D-Day anniversary, and the Bibliotech Army landed in full force, both players and athletic supporters, versus the Organomets, unknown elements in the periodic table of MIT Summer Softball's Mountain Division. Unfortunately, this day it was the (solely XY-chromosomed) chemists who had the guns, the horses, the tanks, and the banks, and who ran away with the game. A dim day for the Library legends, but there were some bright spots: the on-field debut of rookie Amy Magee, and a breath-taking relay play, originating with Capt. Graves in deep center field throwing a bullet to Capt. Page at short, who pivoted and threw a strike to just-returned-from-Black-Hills-of-South-Dakota catcher Mat Willmott, who tagged the runner out at the plate, ba-bing ba-boom! and prevented both a home run, and the expected exultant, smirking, high-fiving, lip-licking, butt-squeezing celebration by the OrganMeats. These are small satisfactions, perhaps, but they are the building blocks of success for the future. Bib on, O Bibliotechs!



  • June 20 - After getting rained out the previous week, the pent-up Bibliotechs came out steaming on a hot hot hot day, running up a 9-1 lead against the Momenta Pharmaceuticals' Sans Blocage team as early as the 4th inning. Unfortunately Sans Blocage started to get unblocked, taking advantage of some defensive lapses, and crept back into contention, ultimately stealing the game away with a single to score the walk-off winning run in the final frame. So close! Like it or lump it, and today the Bibs lumped it, but there were some things to like: Capt. Graves awarded the Golden Haddock to Howard Martin for an offensive outburst at the plate, the Silver Haddock to Drew Swayze for excelling in the lead-off positions in the order, and for making The Catch of the Day (appropriate for a Haddock-winner) leaning over and into the bleachers on the 3rd base side, and the Bronze Haddock to Greg Martin for key hits with run production and solid D. At the season's mid-point, the battered Bibs are 1-3 and one game out of the cellar in the Mountain Division. It will be an uphill climb! Just don't look down. Head to the sky!



  • June 27 - The game outlook was iffy for the Bibs, both weather-wise and otherwise, with several key players unavailable for the rematch against the division-leading Barrel of Monkeys. But the sun broke through, some fresh new faces (Jenna and Travis) helped amplify the straitened line-up, and an awesome and rabid cheering phalanx spurred the Bibs to heights they may never know again, with excellent defense (notably outfielders Aaron Zak and Wes Austin,) ferocious hitting up and down the line-up, featuring home runs from Sean Thomas and Greg Padilla and triples from Capt. Pat Page and Greg Martin, and acute hustle on the basepaths, all of which found the Bibs leading the Monkey Men 18-5 after five innings! It is almost too painful to report that those Monkeys came back to tie the game in the final regulation frame, and then score a walk-off run in the bottom of the 8th, almost a repeat of the previous week's game. Will there ever be joy in Bibville? Or is this season playing out as a Jacobean revenge tragedy? One thing is certain: there will be Bibs!



  • July 11 - After a restorative holiday week's layoff for the battered (but not fried, yet) Bibs, the outlook was good for a return to winning form, with the Bib Dogs pulling hard against their restraint collars for a crack at the hitherto winless Compact Objects, playing a double-header due to a previous game's rainout. Unfortunately, in Game One the CO physicists must have had all their bosons in a row, because they pretty much shut down the potent Bibliotech attack (despite Page and Austin home runs and a Pribble triple), and won the game 7-4. In the nightcap, the offense began to come alive, hits were strung together, and Bibliotech runs began to pour across the plate, like sweet syrup onto waffles! The Bibs built up a good lead, only to see it disappear in a single big inning from the Objects. The Bibs struggled back to tie the game at 15-15 in the top of the final inning. Then, the Objects put a man in scoring position with 2 outs, the potential walk-off winning run. A line drive was hit sharply to Dan Pribble in deep left field. The runner elected to test Pribble's arm and Mat Wilmott's commitment at the plate. Yuh, right! Erased! Dan's throw and Mat's tag saved the tie for the Bibs and sent the game into extra innings! Another Compact Object runner would subsequently attempt to score the winning run in the next inning, and also get thrown out at the plate, on an Austin to Page to Wilmott relay.Too much! The atmosphere was electric! After 2 extra innings, with darkness falling or perhaps the Compact Objects sucking away the light, the Bibs finally put it all together and scored 4 runs, and held the Objects scoreless in the bottom half of the inning. A very well-fought and well-earned victory! However the season may play out, this game will burn brightly in the hive mind of the eternal Bibliotechs.

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