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Bibliotechs: 2010 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

Bibliotechs 2010 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch League, Offshore Division (5)

(All games on Thursdays at 5:30)

All Bibs can take comfort in an early and ultimately revised draft of F. Nietzsche's well-known dictum: "What doesn't kill us, makes us stranger." Congratulations to Bibs' 2010 Most Valuable Player _and_ Golden Glove winner Nick Szydlowski, and to co-Rookies of the Year Pat Olson and Drew Swayze, and thanks especially to Captains Jeremiah Graves and Pat Page, and to all the 2010 Bibliotechs, both players and supportive auditors: Wes Austin, Patsy Baudoin, Dan Belich, Beth Brennan, Ronnie Broadfoot, Alex Caracuzzo, John Delancey, Elissa Derby, Debbie Douglas, Darcy Duke, Jon Eichman, Charlene Follett, Carol Frederick, Steve Gass, Diane Geraci, Dana Goblaskas, Roshni Gohil, Joyce Gomes, Jeremiah Graves, Ryan Gray, Rachel Grubb, Kathy Hamilton, Katie Harris, Stephanie Hartman, Drew Hamlin, Julia Lanigan, Georgina Lewis, Angie Locknar, Luc Lucas, Joe Martinez, Rob Mitchell, Grace Mlady, Alina Morris, Christine Moulen, Tony Moulen, Shayna Nestor, Peter Norman, Greg Padilla, Pat Page, Bethanie Pinkus, Walter Powers, Dan Pribble, Carol Robinson, Maria Rodrigues, Rick Smokovich, Ginny Such, Drew Swayze, Nick Szydlowski, Sean Thomas, Theresa Tobin, Bev White, and Mat Willmott. Stay strange!

  • May 13 Red SAAC's at Bibliotechs L, 12-15
  • May 20 Zoned Out at Bibliotechs CANCELLED
  • May 27 Bibliotechs at Dawgs (double-header) L, 6-19
  • May 27 (Game 2) Dawgs at Bibliotechs W, 17-8
  • June 3 NO GAMES
  • June 10 Bibliotechs at Dana Farber Gangster Institute L, 13-14
  • June 17 Clippers at Bibliotechs W, 10-7
  • June 24 Bibliotechs at Red SAAC's CANCELLED
  • July 1 Bibliotechs at Zoned Out (double-header) L, 10-14
  • July 1 (Game 2) Zoned Out At Bibliotechs W, 7-6
  • July 15 Dana Farber Gangster Institute at Bibliotechs W, 27-9
  • July 22 Bibliotechs at Clippers W, 17-14
  • July 29 Bibliotechs at Red SAAC'S (make-up for June 24 game) W, 10-8

*** PLAYOFFS ***

  • Tuesday, Aug. 3 Bibliotechs at ATG Dynamos L, 9-17
  • Friday, Aug. 6 ATG Dynamos defeat Dana Farber Gangster Institute, 27-14
  • Tuesday, Aug. 10 ATG Dynamos defeat ATGC, 12-5, to win championship

Here is the field map.

Contact co-captains Pat Page (258-7457, or Jeremiah Graves (253-2208, and they'll get you all Bibbed up!

Updated on 100811

  • May 13 - The flawless day saw the fullest complement of Bibliotech might in array versus hardy (it must be the single-amino-acid chelates) perennial opponents, the Red SAAC's. The Bibs surged ahead early, but were beaten back by some brutal power hitting on the part of the SAAC's. The Bibs also hit some long balls, one notably a home run by Szydlowski that left the yard entirely and made it onto the tennis courts, which may be a Bibliotech first, after 31 years. However, by the end of the regulation 7 innings, the Battlin' Bibs had lost the game, 12-8. Rather astonishingly, the opponents had a certainty, and the ump concurred, that the game was not over, and so a "phantom" 8th inning was played, in which the Bibs seized the opportunity and tied the game up! Unfortunately, because Friday the 13th fell on a Thursday this May, the Bibs' relief corps promptly surrendered some more go-far balls, and the Red SAAC's prevailed in the extra extra inning. A loss to the Red SAAC's is exactly how the Bibs started last season, so, if I am reading the entrails right, this augurs well. Bibs come alive!
  • May 27 - The Bibliotechs needed to move their furlough-week game up in the schedule, and their opponents the DAWGS kindly accommodated them, agreeing to a double-header. How that may have affected the outcomes of the 2 games will be a point argued season after season, but one thing is clear: the Bibs lost the first and won the second. A split is like kissing your sister! Back to the future!
  • June 10 - After a long layoff over Commencement week, the Bibs may have been a little bit rusty for this day's game, although Capt. Graves lead-off HR would have seemed to be a sign that it was going to be a walk on the beach for the librarian legation. As the game went on, however, the Dana Farber team seemed to evolve into a suspiciously slick-fielding, compact-lineupped bunch of cancer stoppers. That, and the weather changing from an aggressive mist to a hard sprinkle, and some ball-and-strike calls strictly from the Purple Dimension, wore away at the fragile psyches of our heros, who, to their credit, kept clawing back into contention, only to lose it by a run on a walkoff single in the waterlogged final frame. Bibs must bounce back before the season gets away!
  • June 17 - Facing up once again against their friendly rivals from antiquity, the MIT News Office's Clippers, many of the Bibs showed up straight from the bittersweet and bibulous Carol Robinson (we'll miss you, Carol!) farewell party, and one might not have expected them to be at the top of their game. They must have been drawing on some inner resources, however, as they flexed some awesome muscle at the plate from Bibliotech bigs Graves, Pribble, and Szydlowski, and made some incredible infield plays by Szydlowski, Drew Hamlin, and Rachel Grubb. The Newsies clipped away frantically, but could not overcome the Bibliotech head of steam. (A statistical oddity: pitcher Powers could possibly be credited with both a win _and_ a save in a single game; we await a ruling from higher Powers.) So, at the midway point of the season, the Bibs are in the middle of the pack in the division, with a chance to turn it all around. Let's go Bibs!
  • July 1 - It was Furlough Eve, and the Bibs of Summer hoped to sweep a double-header against Facilities's Zoned Out contingent and go into the layoff week with that warm secure feeling that comes from having a winning record. It was not to be, however, as the Zoners took Game 1 handily. The Bibs came back tough in Game 2 and got at least a split. With a 3-4 record, they are still in the hunt, but must probably win the next 3 games to ensure a playoff position. One bright spot: the winners were announced, and inscribed rampant trophies awarded to, 2009 Most Valuable Player Jeremiah Graves and 2009 Rookie of the Year Sean Thomas - congratulations to these 2 exemplary young men!
  • July 15 - After the week-long layoff, it was perhaps not surprising, but still a bit disheartening, to see the Olde Towel Team give up 5 runs to the Dana Farberites in the very first inning. However...a leadoff home run by Capt. Graves in the bottom of the 1st sounded the note for the rest of the day, as the Bibliotech Beef Trust (Caracuzzo, Delancey, Capt. Page, Pribble, Szydlowski, Wilmott, and Wes Austin) went to work with extra-base hit after extra-base hit, eventually prompting the ump to ask if the Bibs wished to invoke the "mercy rule" and put the opposition out of their misery. Needless to say, the Bibs played on! (Also beginning to make an impact are 2 rookies, Drew Swayze and Pat Olson.) With 2 games left in the regular season, the playoff picture is still cloudy, but the Bibs' fate is in their own hands, and they must grab it by the shaft!
  • July 22 - The Bibliotechs entered this penultimate game on an upswing, but their opponents, the News Office's Clippers, were likewise resurgent, having added a semi-trailerload of bash to their line-up since the 2 teams met early in the season. The Bibs, though, had some bash of their own, and some outstanding D as well, particularly plays by outfielders Broadfoot, Graves, and Pribble that erased long ball threats. The game stayed close, but with the Newshounds threatening in the final inning, a nifty Moulen-to-Szydlowski force-out closed the case in the Bibs' favor. The final game will be against Offshore League powerhouse Red SAACs. Will the gods smile upon The Bibs of Summer? Or will they make a frownie face?
  • July 29 - Knowing they needed a win in this game to ensure a playoff berth, the Rambling Wrecks from Bibliotechs seemed to start the game playing cautiously, and not getting hits in bunches. Fortunately the Bibs' good defense was also holding the potent Red SAACs largely in check. Then came Rachel Grubb's Wild Ride from 1st to 3rd on a single, in which she avoided a tag at third, hit the turf, rolled past the bag and reached back and touched! The Bibs caught fire and built a lead that even a furious Red SAACs rally in the final frame could not overcome. We are playoff-bound! Capt. Graves had notified the team that he was re-instituting the ceremonial awarding of the Golden Haddock (actually GH II, the original GH having been last seen and tagged in the waters off of Chatham) and asked Elder Powers to do the actual bestowal. Nick Szydlowski had an awesome game, with some big hits, turning a double play, and making a thrilling catch to finally extinguish the opponent's endgame, but the Golden Haddock was ultimately conferred upon...Rachel! who turned the team on with her base-running and good play at 2nd. Elder Gass says he has a good feeling about the Bibs' chances in the playoffs. Bibs on fire!
  • August 3 - Playoff fever! The Bibliotechs squared up against ATG Dynamo, the team that left them crushed and buckled in the 2009 Championship Game, hoping for some payback and karmic retribution. Unfortunately playoff fever quickly developed into a critical condition, as the Dyno-men were hitting the ball well, and the Biblio-batters were not, or when they did, it was often right at a Dyno-fielder. Possibly it was the effect of the coronal mass ejection from the Sun and the billion tons of plasma headed Earthwards, or maybe it was just how things were meant to be. One thing is certain: there will be softball next year, and for as long as the Libraries have people working in them. Thanks to Captains Graves and Page, thanks to all the fans who came out and cheered the troops on, and thanks to the Library Staff Association for their sponsorship. Next year is the year!

    Updated on 100811