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Bibliotechs: 2003 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

It seems like it was merely moments ago that the Libraries' softball legion, the Bibliotechs, were poised on the eve of a championship game, having clawed back from a 3-4 record towards the end of the 2003 season with five straight thrilling wins, to climb through the playoff ladder to the ultimate game. I don't know exactly what happened next, but I do know that the 2003 Bibliotechs (Dan Belich, Ronnie Broadfoot, John Delancey, Darcy Duke, Jennifer Edelman, Jon Eichman, Max Fleischman, Charlene Follett, co-captain Steve Gass, Kathy Hamilton, Torance Harrison, Stephanie Hartman, Peter Houk, Virginia Johnson, Debbie Kruzel, Ed Kruzel, Angie Locknar, Luc Lucas, Joe Martinez, Rob Mitchell, Christine Moulen, Tony Moulen, Ed Moynihan, consensus MVP Pat Page, Ann Powers, co-captain Walter Powers, Christine Quirion, Maria Rodrigues, Chris Romine, Chris Rosol, Beth Siers, Suzanne Sloan, Rick Smokovich, Linda Sobottka, Jos Wanschers, Bev White, and Rob Wolfe) delivered the most breathtaking and fulfilling season in institutional memory! There has been none better.

Bibliotechs 2003 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch League, Western Division (5)

(All games on Thursday at 5:30)

  • May 29 Bibliotechs at Yank Mees (L, 7-8)
  • June 5 Bibliotechs at Toxic Waste (W, 10-7)
  • June 12 Bibliotechs at Atom Smashers (L, 7-21)
  • June 19 MTL Piranhas at Bibliotechs (W, 12-5)
  • June 26 Bibliotechs at Dynamo (W, 9-8)
  • July 10 Yank Mees at Bibliotechs (L, 10-11)
  • July 17 Toxic Waste at Bibliotechs (L, 8-21)
  • July 24 Atom Smashers at Bibliotechs (W, 16-2)
  • July 31 Bibliotechs at MTL Piranhas (W, 19-8)
  • August 7 Dynamo at Bibliotechs (W, 12-9)

*** PLAYOFFS ***

  • Playoff Quarterfinal
  • August 11 Bibliotechs at Compact Objects (W, 13-8)
  • Playoff Semifinal
  • August 12 Bibliotechs at YankMees (W, 6-5)
  • Championship
  • August 14 Bibliotechs at Pits (L, 12-16)

Here is the field map.

Co-captains Walter Powers (253-0600, and Steve Gass ( will be manning the Bibliotechs' help desk, and are willing to dwell, in unsavory detail, upon any uncertainties you may have regarding Bibliotechs softball.

  • May 29 - Opening Day game is see-saw battle versus Yank Mees, with Bibs snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, surrendering 3 runs including a walk-off HR in final frame.
  • June 5 - In a game that, like an object seen in a convex mirror, was closer than it appeared, the ramping, roaring, mud'n'blood Bibliotechs surmount an aggressive mist and a mettlesome Toxic Waste team to prevail 10-7 in the Sarah Mitchell Valedictory Game. Key hits from several individuals, including a 2-run Lucas double cementing the victory, as well as solid defense and rapacious baserunning, all contribute to gratifying win.
  • June 12 - Bibliotechs suffer core meltdown vs. Atom Smashers, enduring a gruesome 21-7 defeat at the hands of the Nuclear Reactor Lab's notably XY-chromosomal team. Post-game wake at Hacienda House of Pizza lifts team spirits, and Bibs look forward to July 24 rematch with atomic fireballs.
  • June 19 - Still smarting from previous week's defeat, the Biblio-gods unload with 8 runs in first inning vs. Microsystem Technology Lab's Piranhas and cruise on to nutritious and satisfying 12-5 victory.
  • June 26 - Rich and robust Bibliotechs, led by sick display of hitting from Page (2 HR, game-winning RBI single in final inning), outpace surging Dynamo team at the wire, and head into All Star break with .600 record and high hopes for a playoff berth.
  • July 10 - On a sparkling summer's day, the Bibs, restored after a safe and sane holiday break, came tantalizingly close, roaring back from a 6-run deficit and with the definitive outcome still undecided up to the final Bibliotech at-bat, but ultimately losing again to the Picower Center's Yank Mees, again by a 1-run margin. Somewhere, men are laughing, and little children shout...
  • July 17 - The rematch with the Chemistry Department's Toxic Wastrels was proceeding well for the confident Bibliotechs, until, in a single inning when the secret gates of Hell yawned open and the Bibs were whipsawed with an unending torment of base hits, bad bounces and errors, the Toxic team scored 15 or 16 - who's counting, at that point? - runs in a single inning, giving them an insurmountable advantage late in the game. Coach's tip: forget about it!
  • July 24 - The injury-plagued and short-lineupped Bibliotechs, on the verge of a lost season, reach deep into their reserves of heart, grit, character, determination, fervor, and rich chocolatey goodness, to deliver up a gem of potent hitting and near-flawless D, for a 16-2 rampage over the Reactor Lab's quondam Bib-smashers. Back in the playoff hunt! (Bibs cheer (J. Eichman): "Lots of elements we don't know / Put them in a jar and watch them blow! Atom Smashers!")
  • July 31 - Bibliotechs bring considerable thunder against an unorthodox 5-person outfield, and buck down the MTL Pinatas 19-8. The bosky Bibs, ever Fortune's playthings, appear to hold the reins of Destiny in their own iron mitts! as they approach the last game of the season.
  • August 7 - The bent-but-unbroken Bibliotechs, essentially starting the playoffs early, facing elimination from playoff contention were they to lose to their closest rival, software giant ATG's Dynamo team, crawled out of an early 6-run hole with a drumfire of hits from up and down the lineup and radiant defense from the stalwarts (including a notable stand-up performance from rookie 2b Rob Wolfe and rally-killing circus catches in the outfield by Ronnie Broadfoot and Peter Houk, the latter of whom was nominated by secret acclamation to shake hands with the Golden Haddock for his witty and meritorious feat) along with some breaks, and carried the rapidly-darkening day with a 12-9 victory. Bibs rumble, others stumble! on the yellow brick road to the playoffs.
  • August 11 - The Bibliotech Express, having gathered undeniable momentum with 3 straight must wins at the end of the season, play a nearly flawless quarter-final playoff game against worthy opponent Compact Objects from the Center for Space Research (defining moments: 2 Pat Page home runs, awesome momentum-shifting diving catch by Ronnie Broadfoot) and gather in another victory, 13-8. Next playoff opponent: two-time Bibs-beaters the YankMees. The Big Throwdown!
  • August 12 - In a tense semi-final game against the Picower Center's powerful YankMees, who had twice defeated the bubblicious Bibliotechs during the regular season by a single run, the Bibs struck first, scoring 6 runs in the opening inning, and then, in a familiar pattern, falling quiet at bat. The YankMees clawed back to within 1 run, but, as so often in the past, an outstanding defensive play, this time an astonishing back-to-the plate juggling catch by left fielder John Delancey, seemed to take the air out of the surging opponent, who thereafter succumbed meekly, resulting in the final score of 6-5 in the Bibs' favor. Bibs go to the championship game!

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