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Bibliotechs: 2000 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

The Bibliad

Chapter 2000


    Then came forth a shaman, a sage and a seer,
    To interpret the bones of that Millenial Year
    To sift through its entrails, like an haruspex,
    And determine the fate of the Bibliotechs.
    He stirred up the fire, and summoned a vision
    Of that quondam summer, and the Bibliotech mission
    To conquer the Serious Slow Pitch Division, 
    In manner both Apollonian and Dionysian.
    He saw how they struggled and triumphed and reveled,
    In their anabasis toward the playoffs' high level
    'Til glancing-eyed Zoned Out's magic line-up reshuffled,
    And the victory song of the Bibliotechs was muffled.
    He saw in the fire, as clearly as day,
    Captain Rick Smokovich leading the way,
    Steve Gass and Matt Burke and Al Davies too,
    Attorney Jon Eichman represented the crew.
    Newbie Steph Hartman and Newfie Wayne Jones,
    Co-Rookies of the Year, they both made their bones,
    Fleet-footed Jos Wanschers, Luc Lucas as well,
    And Deb, Ed, and Nikki and Kesli Kruzel,
    Ronnie Broadfoot the Worthy, Dan Belich "The Man,"
    The Venerable Powers and his sister Ann,
    Fair-browed Charlene Follett and Beverly White,
    Kathy Hamilton also took part in the fight,
    Karen Mueller-Harder stood out rather great,
    Rob Mitchell and Ed Murphy, strong at the plate,
    Darcy Duke, Paul Collins, Bill Keaveny,
    Joltin' Joe Martinez and John DeLancey,
    Anne Cushing and Christine and Tony Moulen
    And Caleb Tucker-Raymond were rockin' and rulin'
    All this saw the oracle of the season past,
    He pondered the vision and read the runes cast.
    Would Destiny yield to these noble human creatures,
    Or was it a toy for immortals in the bleachers?
    "'T is written in soy sauce," the shaman declared,
    "That a Bibliotechs' offering must be prepared
    To appease the pantheon, and decrease the odds
    That next season will be an adult novelty of the gods.
    "Do only this," the shaman proclaimed,
    "And a revenant will lead you to the Championship Game."
    Then Bibliotechs leapt up, and all did agree,
    In haste to prepare for the season-to-be.
    (Continued in Chapter 2001) 

Bibliotechs 2000 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch League, Western Division

(All games on Monday at 5:30)

  • May 22 Bibliotechs at Mashdown (L, 6-12)
  • June 5 Green Monsters at Bibliotechs (W, 37-6)
  • June 12 Bibliotechs at ATG Dynamo 1 (RAINED OUT)
  • June 19 Dawgs at Bibliotechs (W, 14-8)
  • June 26 Barrel of Monkeys at Bibliotechs (W, 24-2)
  • July 10 Mashdown at Bibliotechs (L, 6-24)
  • July 17 Bibliotechs at Green Monsters (W, 25-11)
  • July 24 ATG Dynamo 1 at Bibliotechs (L, 15-16)
  • July 31 Bibliotechs at Dawgs (W, 6-5)
  • August 7 Bibliotechs at Barrel of Monkeys (W, 23-6)
  • August 7 Bibliotechs at ATG Dynamo 1 (W, 10-6) (7:30 game; make-up for June 12 rainout)

*** PLAYOFFS ***

(All games at 5:30)

  • Wed., Aug.9 Contractors at Bibliotechs (W, 18-17)
  • Thurs., Aug. 10 Bibliotechs at Zoned Out (L, 8-9)

Here is the field map.

Consult Lord of the Dance Walter Powers (253-0600, regarding all your softball issues.


  • May 22 - It was a cold and bitter day on the playing fields of MIT. The warriors of summer were out in full force, ready to tackle the cold temperatures and a biting wind blowing in from the North. The drama of opening day began with a field change as the Bibs were bumped to make room for a would-be, could-be, champion hammer thrower. They graciously accepted after learning that they could indeed play on "the field we're not allowed to go on", complete with dug-outs and bleachers [which held two bundled fans!]. A minor "situation" was averted by the quick hands of all as the cooler of "refreshing drinks" was unceremoniously dropped and spilled [no injuries reported] as the Bibs approached the "Field of Dreams." However, dreams did not come true for the Bibs on this cold day in May. Despite the efforts of all, the Bibs succumbed to bad calls, high pitches, and quiet bats. Rick and Caleb both had two run homers, Luc "took one for the team", and Dan had some fine relief pitching, but in the end the silence of the Bib's bats rang loud and clear, and Mashdown took the 12-6 victory from the chattering teeth of the Bibs. But we'll get 'em next time! (S. Hartman)
  • June 5 - Enflamed by the power of new bats Black Magic and Louisville Slugger TPS, Bibs bring thunder of Wagnerian proportions from up and down the lineup, and storm over EAPS Greens, 37-6.
  • June 19 - Bibliotechs unleashed after previous week's rainout, come out howling against venerable Dawgs, 25th-year team of Delta Tau Delta alums, and coast to victory with big early lead.
  • June 26 - Rain, thunder, and lightning on Field 5 can not deter the implacable Bibliotech tidal wave from engulfing the imperiled Bowl of Sea Monkeys, 24-2. For his veritable clinic in hitting, pitching, and fielding his position, Gass is awarded the season's (and new Millenium's) first Golden Haddock.
  • July 10 - Ashdown House irregulars, 1999 Serious Slow sectional champions, serve battlin' Bibliotechs the ill no-no; 24-6 defeat is Bibs' worst in 11 years. Despite second loss to Mashdown, Bibs still in hunt for playoff spot, and hoping for rematch in post-season play.
  • July 17 - Resurgent Bibliotechs establish Library presence by mulching EAPS Greens, 25-11, and entering into dynamic colloquy with Campus Patrol. Joe Martinez awarded the Gilded Gourami for stellar performance in leadoff position.
  • July 24 - Despite valorous 7-run comeback in final inning, Bibs lose a heartbreaker to strong ATG software millionaires. Stephanie Hartman awarded exceptional post-loss Noble Narwhal for epitomizing valiant struggle.
  • July 31 - Under threatening skies, Bibs submit defensive gem, led by Gilt Gefilte honoree Matt Burke, and hold off potent Delta Tau Dawgs, 6-5.
  • August 7 - Big Bibs turnout for twi-night doubleheader, with first game a walk over Barrel of Monkeys, 2nd game a tense battle against playoff-bound ATG Dynamo. Bibs D holds ATG in check, 10-6 win means Bibs finish in 2nd place in Western Division, good for a playoff slot. Dan "The Man" Belich awarded the Filigreed Finnan for holding the line and setting a fine example for young Bibs everywhere.
  • August 9 - PLAYOFF QUARTER-FINAL: Edgy Bibs engage Pacific Division Contractors in thrilling extra-inning seesaw clash; Wayne Jones (HR, 3 for 3, scores winning run in bottom of 8th on single by Ronnie Broadfoot) and Stephanie Hartman (winner of unprecedented 2nd Effulgent Flounder for quantum level of play at 2nd base) shine out in rookie rampage.
  • August 10 - PLAYOFF SEMI-FINAL: The Bibs of Summer ride Capt. Rick Smokovich's back to another final-inning playoff showdown against MIT Physical Plant's Zoned Out, but the Zoners, aided perhaps by some dubious line-up maneuvering, come back with 2 in the bottom of the 7th to snuff out the Bibs' sublime season, 9-8. Destiny hangs up! Bibliotechs motto for next year: "Next year is now!"

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