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Bibliotechs: 1999 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

1999: The Bibliotech Way

There is an easy way, there is a hard way, and then there is the Bibliotech Way. The 1999 Bibliotechs, in no doubt a pre-Apocalyptic and party-like-there's-no-tomorrow state of mind, elected to move their legendary (and yet strangely lifelike) franchise into a new arena, the dire Circus Maximus of softball, the Serious Slow Pitch League. The Bibs, under the masterful strategic guidance of Capt. Rick Smokovich, mustered every particle and quark of their ability and athletic skill and bibliographic and public service expertise, as well as taxifuls of passion and refreshments, to roll to an 8-2 record, good enough to tie for first place in the Pacific Division and to clinch a playoff spot. A brilliant debut! to which every Bibliotech contributed: Most Improved Player Dan Belich, MVP Ronnie Broadfoot, Matt Burke, Paul Collins, Al, Kathy, and Erin Davies, John Delancey, Darcy Duke, Jon Eichman and Suzanne Sloan, Charlene Follett, Steve Gass and Bev White, Bruce Hamilton, Kathy, Ken, Rachel and Isaac Hamilton, Nancy Heywood, Brenda Hill, Emily Jackson and Bill Keaveny, Debbie, Ed, and Niki Kruzel, Luc Lucas, Joe Martinez, Rookie of the Year Rob Mitchell, Karen, Erik and Timothy Mueller-Harder, Ed Murphy, Ann Powers, Golden Haddock Walter Powers, MVP Capt. Rick, Mary, Anna and John Smokovich, and Caleb Tucker-Raymond. See you in the 21st Century!


Serious Slow Pitch League, Pacific Division


(All games on Monday at 5:30)

  • May 24 Bibliotechs at Biohazards RAINED OUT
  • June 7 Bibliotechs at Zoned Out (W, 12-6)
  • June 14 Blood Sucking Contractors at Bibliotechs (W, 23-12)
  • June 21 Grounders at Bibliotechs (L, 8-14)
  • June 28 Bibliotechs at Green Monsters (W, 15-2)
  • July 12 Biohazards at Bibliotechs (2 games, (W. 22-12) 2nd is make-up for 5/24 rainout) (W, 29-13)
  • July 19 Zoned Out at Bibliotechs RAINED OUT
  • July 26 Bibliotechs at Blood Sucking Contractors (L, 7-10)
  • August 2 Bibliotechs at Grounders (W, 9-8)
  • August 2 Zoned Out at Bibliotechs (Game 2) (make-up for July 19 rainout) (W, 10-8)
  • August 9 Green Monsters at Bibliotechs (W, 13-8)

*&* PLAYOFFS *&*

  • August 10 Clippers at Bibliotechs (L, 5-7)

Here is the field map.

Consult the Grand Eightball Walter Powers (253-0600, with questions relating to the universe between the white lines.


Updated on 000508

  • June 7 - Capt. Rick Smokovich expertly deploys all Bibliotech weapons in strategic masterpiece, for 12-6 win over Physical Plant team Zoned Out and auspicious debut in Serious Slow Pacific Division.
  • June 14 - Golden Haddock recipient Debbie Kruzel's 3-run HR breaks the resolve of DOT's stalwart Blood Sucking Contractors and Bibs roll it up convincingly in later innings.
  • June 21 - Despite space-age coaching innovations and the valiant efforts of O. of the G. H. conferee Dan Belich holding the line on the hill and Ronnie Broadfoot's hellacious production (5 RBI's), the Bibs are turned back, 8-14, by chum-frenzied MIT alum group Grounders.
  • June 28 - A combination of consistent hitting, scintillant defense, and a special appearance by Bibliotech Hall-of-Famer and new Barker Librarian Steve Gass (triple) puts the Bibliotechs back on the winning track with a 15-2 win over previously undefeated Green Monsters from EAPS.
  • July 12 - Under a spectacular mid-summer sunset, only partially obscured by 4 blimps and countless airplanes dragging commercial banners, the mighty Bibliotechs rolled on, winning both ends of a home-and-away doubleheader against the Whitehead Institute's Biohazards, with important plays from Joe Martinez and Caleb Tucker-Raymond, and hitting up and down the lineup - a late-game, 2 out, 10 run rally took the air out of the blimping opposition in game 2 - contributing to the convincing victories. Al Davies was awarded the coveted Golden Haddock for a batting tour-de-force of supernatural dimensions! (7 for 7, 2 HR, 7 R)
  • July 26 - Bibs come out flat after previous week's rainout layoff and fall to DOT Contractors, despite taking early lead. Winners cheer, "Reading is fundamental!"
  • August 2 - Confronted with a double-header against the 2 other Pacific Division frontrunners, the Extreme Bibliotechs strapped it on and won both games! beginning with an extra-inning 9-8 win of mythic and momentous proportion over the erstwhile division-leading Grounders, and concluding with a stunning come-from-behind late-inning-6-run-rally defeat of Zoned Out (who were gracious enough to commend the Bibs on the Dewey Decimal System in their cheer.) Bibs over America! Watch for our blimp! in the majestic form of the earnestly desired Golden Haddock.
  • August 9 - 7 run 1st inning seemed like enough for Bibs, but resurgent EAPS Monsters needed turning back; strong outfield play was critical to Bibs' success. Bibliotechs' cheer: "It isn't easy beating Green ... Monsters!"
  • August 10 - Bibliotechs' shining season comes to an end versus the News Office's Clippers, as always a worthy opponent. Less hitting than usual, and a large unwieldy lineup are all factors in loss, but perhaps it was just not in the stars for 1999. Wait 'til next century!