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Bibliotechs: 2014 Bibliotechs: Serious Slow Pitch

The MIT Libraries Softball team

Bibliotechs 2014 Schedule

Serious Slow Pitch League, Mountain Division (SS4)

(All games on Wednesdays at 5:30)

  • May 21 Remission Commission at Bibliotechs W, 8-5
  • May 28 Bibliotechs at Compact Objects L, 11-17
  • June 4 Dawgs at Bibliotechs W, 12-10
  • June 11 Bibliotechs at InfoSlammers L, 8-9
  • June 18 Raiders at Bibliotechs L, 8-23
  • June 25 Bibliotechs at Remission Commission L, 8-23
  • July 9 Compact Objects at Bibliotechs L, 8-13
  • July 16 Bibliotechs at Dawgs RAINED OUT
  • July 23 InfoSlammers at Bibliotechs L, 11-12
  • July 30 Bibliotechs at Raiders L, 7-30
  • August 6 Bibliotechs at Dawgs (make-up game) WSD

*** PLAYOFFS ***

  • May 21 - Opening Day! And a feast of the senses for the happy shiny Bibliotechs, with the effulgent sunlight, the thwap and the thwack of the mitt and the bat, and the roar of the banner-towing airplanes overhead, and the gladsome shuffle of folding money into the palms of the captains, who must collect a tithe in order to pay this year's exorbitant team fee. All was put into perspective as the game against the Koch Center's congenial Remission Commission team got underway, and the Bibs had themselves a significantly impressive 1st inning. Although the cancer fighters had their chances throughout the game to catch up to the Bibs' lead, they were thwarted again and again by very solid defense, in both the outfield and the infield. It was a satisfying, well-balanced win, and would seem to augur well for the remainder of the season. Roll on, oh Bibliotechs!


  • May 28 - It was a wet and dreary Wednesday, but the games were destined to be played; so it was writ by the Commissioner, who moved the game onto the Astroturf field, which was not so sodden. The Bibs' horses were all there, and also Megan Weinstein, a rookie bright spot, but alas, the Libraries legation were unable to overcome some big innings by the Big Bangers on the Compact Objects (Astrophysics) team, and in the end succumbed to entropy. Their .500 record is still better than the Red Sox! and both teams will be hoping for a bright return to winning ways.


  • June 4 - "A View To A Chill" might have been a suitable title for another encounter in the seemingly eternal roundelay versus old friends, the Delta Tau Delta Dawgs, with the ground damp and the temp dipping toward "raw." The Bibs looked unfazed through the first few innings, running up a modest lead (HR by Ronnie Broadfoot) and holding the Dawgs scoreless. But then, the Dawgs got in touch with their inner "Cujo" and jumped rabidly all over the Bibs, running up 8 runs in a single frame! Un oh. Down 8-5 with 2 innings to go, Dan Pribble showed up and was escorted immediately to the plate to bat, which he did magnificently, keying a spine-tingling rally featuring a 3-run homer by Capt. Page, and another HR by Broadfoot.That shook the chill off! The Biblio-thumpers held on to the lead they had regained and closed out the game on top.(Kudos also to the defense, including a spectacular catch by Capt. Graves in the OF, and stellar play around 1st base by Sean Thomas.) It was a well-earned win, and, on such a chilly Spring day, warmed the very cockles! The block is hot!


  • June 11 - Another Wednesday afternoon, and, to quote 10,000 Maniacs, "Where on earth is the sun hid away?" But the 10,000 (give or take a few) buckdancing Bibliotechs weren't "thinking about the weather" as they drew up to draw down on IS&T's InfoSlammers. The Bibs were in the hole early, but kept it close in a seesaw affair, until Capt. Page, possibly celebrating his Friday the 13th birthday a couple of days in advance, hit his second 3-run home run in 2 games! Unfortunately, the Bad News Bibs couldn't hold the lead; the 'Slammers came back, and made a slim 1-run margin of victory (or loss, depending on your point of view) stand up through the final Bibs' at-bat. A .500 winning percentage is nothing to sneeze at, but you can snooze at it! Bibs are looking to go on a streak and a tear; it all begins with the Bibliotech in the mirror!


  • June 18 - The Bibliotechs approached the mid-point game of the season, versus the division-leading and terra incognita Raiders, hoping that the Bibs' latency to this point would become manifest! Shock and awe! Bring the power! It didn't quite work out that way, but as was pointed out, if it hadn't been for the Raiders' 16-run inning, this would have been a close game! Bibs will be hoping to come back strong in the second half of the season. Ad astra per aspera!


  • June 25 - "Oh, when the room grows slowly dim / And life ebbs out towards wintry Fate / One final pang these eyes will brim / Another loss by twenty-three to eight!" (Apologies to J. R. Lowell.) The Remission Commission seemed expertly to practice "hit 'em where they ain't," and the Bibs sure weren't. One never knows how the stars will align for the final 4 games of the season; the Bibs remain resilient, literate, and good-looking! (Farewell, Drew Swayze! The "hot corner" must now be known as the "lukewarm corner" in your absence.)


  • July 9 - The populous Bibs returned from the mid-season break ramping and roaring finally to get the fire going and the engine stoked for the balance of the season. Unfortunately, the Compact Objects proved to be a cosmic impediment to the Bibliotech mission, although the Bibs were in it (Ronnie Broadfoot's laser-beam 3-run HR contributing) up to the end. The Bibs have scored 8 runs in 5 of their games this season. 8 is not enough. On the bright side, the Library icons are 2 games out of last place! Onward and upward!


  • July 23 - The "right to be forgotten" is a concept that has been put into practice in the European Union, and has been much discussed on the Internet. I would like to nominate this particular night's ballgame as one to be forgotten as quickly as possible, despite the fact that it was a nail-biting, one-run squeaker of a loss (and quite a performance by Wes Austin at bat, in the field, and on the ice cream tip, and with also a memorable catch by Howard Martin.) With 2 games to go, it appears all playoff hopes have disappeared like a summer zephyr, and there is no joy in Bibville. Still, there are things to celebrate in every Bibliotech season, and I am sure I will think of them, when I am under the Milky Way tonight.


  • July 30 - The ever-ebullient Bibliotechs were looking forward to their re-match with the potent Raiders, hoping to salvage some redemption and self-respect after their previous drubbing by the mystery team. Folks, it didn't quite work out that way. The Bibs were dinked and dunked (or alternatively, other-fielded) to death, and ended up at the low end of a 30-7 score, the worst defeat of the season. What does it all mean? As Sartre might have said in Bibbing and Nothingness, "The Bibliotechs' search for 'completion' must always end in 'negation.'" But there is one game remaining in the season, against old rivals the Dawgs, and a win there might have a "butterfly effect" on the Bibs' next season, and, for that matter, on the future of the universe and beyond! Play on, o Bibliotechs!


Here is the field map.

Contact co-captains Jeremiah Graves ( or Pat Page ( to earn clues, and achieve critical mass and the complete satisfaction that sadly has been missing from your life.


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