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Administrative Services: Furniture

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.


Repair of Furniture can be done by either the manufacturer or the carpentry or metal shops. Please coordinate repairs with Maria Rodrigues.

New Furniture

Orders for individual furniture items (both on- and off-campus) can be ordered through this form. Requests for larger items (such as lockers, furniture for communal spaces, etc.) should be emailed to facilities-help-lib. Descriptions of allowable furniture (as listed on the ordering form) can be found here.


On-campus furniture orders over $200 require supervisor approval.


Requestors must read through this policy information before making any remote workstation requests. All remote furniture requests require supervisor approval, and there is a lifetime cap of $500. Please note that furniture and equipment purchased by MIT is considered MIT property and must be returned if a staff member leaves the Libraries.

Surplus Property can be dealt with in several ways. Please check with the Property Office to see which method best suits your need.

MIT Moving: Requests for movers can be done through Atlas. Please give three business day's notice. After submitting an Atlas ticket you will be contacted by Your Move for more details and to work out a time. If you have questions, contact Maria Rodrigues.