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Administrative Services: Mentoring Program

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.

About the Libraries' Mentoring Program

The MIT Libraries' mentoring program will launch on a trial basis in the 2017-2018 academic year.  The program provides Libraries staff a framework in which to support and learn from one another.  Its goals are:

  • Supporting staff in career or educational decisions
  • Increasing employees' sense of connection to the Libraries
  • Advising staff on work-life issues



How to Participate

Any member of the staff may request a mentor through this program; any staff member who has worked in the Libraries for at least a year is eligible to serve as a mentor.

At present, mentoring relationships will center on one or more of these topics:

  1. Career planning
  2. Pursuit of an advanced degree or professional certification
  3. New to MIT/academia
  4. MIT Libraries organizational culture
  5. Job search
  6. Work/life issues

Be sure you have read and are comfortable with the program expectations, and have discussed your plans with your supervisor as appropriate.  Then:

Request a mentor here

Volunteer to serve as a mentor here

Deadline: August 28
Questions?  Contact Nina Davis-Millis,

Program Expectations

Both parties are responsible for:

  • Completing a brief pre- and post-survey
  • Committing to meet twice during the first month, and at least once a month thereafter for the agreed duration
  • Maintaining confidentiality / privacy
  • Informing their supervisors of their intention to participate before signing up
  • Having an honest conversation about goals and desired outcomes at the start of the relationship
  • Being realistic about setting timelines (6-12 months)
  • Conducting all meetings during work hours, unless by mutual consent
  • Making time for meetings and for any follow-up agreed on between meetings
  • Contributing to program assessment


Mentees are responsible for:

  • Scheduling meetings


Mentors are responsible for:

  • Referring questions or concerns beyond their expertise.  This includes but is not limited to legal or medical issues.


Director of Staff Development is responsible for:

  • Coordinating the program
  • In conjunction with HR Admin, matching mentor/mentee pairs
  • Training new mentors
  • Maintaining a referral list of Institute resources
  • Addressing any problems that may come up
  • Performing assessment of the program's success via feedback from mentors and mentees