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Administrative Services: Facilities Work Information - Communication Procedure

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Facilities Work Information - Communication Procedure

Facilities Work Information Process

Effective: 4/25/2023 - Last Edited 4/11/2023


Per Article 15, Section 4 of the CBA (see full text below), the Libraries must inform union stewards of maintenance that may impact working conditions, and supervisors may either move staff to other locations to conduct work or send them home (with no loss of pay) if conditions are deemed poor.  This process is meant to clarify who is responsible for each step of the information process and now this will happen.  This process goes into effect on 3/30/2023 and stay in effect until further notice. 

Notification Process:

  • Facilities notifies the Libraries of intent to conduct maintenance and request approval to do so.
  • Libraries Facilities Administrator (FA) replies to Facilities with approval.
  • FA will synthesize the information for ease of use and then forward it to:
    • All supervisors (via because spaces are often utilized by multiple departments, this email will ensure that anyone who needs to be notified will be alerted, even if not in the union. 
    • AFSCME reps (via because we do not yet have stewards, we will notify this email.
  • FA will use the template below to ensure clarity
    • Site supervisors are responsible to review the information to ascertain staff and space impacts and if any interventions need to happen due to the work. This conclusion may require approval from department heads/ADs, to be determined by units.  Supervisors may consult with FA if they have questions. 
  • Email
    • Template  
      • The following text will be added to the top of all forward emails with an example below 
        • Below is a notice from Facilities about work being done in Libraries spaces.
        • Building:
        • Room:
        • When:
        • System/Impacts:
        • Other:
        • Contact:
    • Example



Article 15, Section 4, Temperature and Air Quality

a. In the event the air conditioning or heating system in a Library building, or section thereof, is malfunctioning for other than isolated and/or short term interruptions or air quality is determined by management to be poor, the Director or their appropriate management-level designee at their discretion may either transfer the employees affected by the breakdown to another location within the Library system or send the affected employees home with no loss of pay

b. The Union will be notified in a timely manner of all malfunctions other than isolated and/or short term interruptions, and the estimated duration of same, including regular updates.  The Union shall be notified through its stewards.