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Administrative Services: New Staff Onboarding / Staff Offboarding

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.

Staff Onboarding


New employees should consult MIT Connections: Getting Oriented for orientation information about the Institute.


The Libraries New Employee Orientation Program Checklist is provided to supervisors to assist them with new library employee orientation. (last edited 8/31/2011)


Please find below the timeline for employee on-boarding as set forth by central HR:

1. Employee receives an offer from the Libraries' HR contact

2. Once the offer is accepted, Libraries' HR enters new employee data into the Atlas system prompting central HR to create a new hire letter [employee data needed includes DOB, SS #, and name as it appears on the employee's license / state ID].

3. A copy of the new hire letter containing employees ID and an Atlas link is sent to the Libraries' HR contact and is also mailed out to the new employee

4. In the meantime, Libraries' HR emails a copy to the new employee to initiate central HR's on-boarding process (creating a Kerberos, benefits, etc.)

5. Once a Kerberos account is created Libraries' HR contact is notified

6. Libraries' HR contact notifies the new employee's supervisor as well as ITS




Additional Resources:


Additional helpful onboarding resources (Please note that the HR's checklist should be your main point of reference):

  • The following R&L onboarding resources may be used in conjunction to the HR's New Employee Orientation Program Checklist.




For Staff Offboarding


For best practices, we advise departing Staff of the Libraries and Managers to follow the guidelines produced by MIT's Central HR. A recap is included below:


Managers, please use the DLC Supervisor/Manager Checklist for Departing Employees (below) to complete the tasks around an employee departure (resignation or retirement). 


Retirees, see a special section of the MIT Benefits site just for you.


Employees, to get started:

  • Modify, print, and sign a letter of resignation (below).
  • Complete the tasks on the Leaving MIT Employee Checklist (below).
  • To manage your benefits, follow the steps in each section below.
  • If your DLC does not schedule an in-person exit interview, get in touch with your Human Resources Officer if you would like one.
  • More information can be found on the MIT Human Resources page. Forms are included below.