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Administrative Services: Reference Response Team

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.

Reference Response Team

This team was officially retired on August 31, 2020, and work in this area was transferred to the Service Restart Project Team.

The Reference Response Team was charged to respond to immediate needs for information and reference services during the Libraries closure.

The Reference Response Team reports to the Services Monitoring Synthesis Team.


(Link to wiki)


  • Tina Chan (convener)
  • Nick Albaugh
  • Chris Sherratt

Team Activities

Each week, the team members submit data to help us understand what the community is asking about. More recently, this includes information about Elsevier.

Team members gather data about reference, CMWT, and GIS. Other library staff members contributing to our knowledge of what is happening in a variety of reference services include:

  • Jeremiah Graves (chat) and Greg Padilla (circ-rt)
  • Katharine Dunn (scholarlypub)
  • Amy Nurnberger (data management)

As Services Monitoring Team Lead, Lisa Horowitz reports a summary of these data to the Senior Leadership Team (SRLT) each week.

The Reference Response Team has also contributed to the following:

  • Identified library services to add to the Team Remote at MIT site.
  • For any staff supporting public services, identified and promoted Information Services Training Program sessions that would be most helpful while we remain remote.
  • Met with Brigham Fay to understand potential unused opportunities to market our services.
  • Reviewed last year's and this year's questions from library staff to each other on Slack to find potential patterns to inform training.
  • Generated a proposal regarding use of brief videos for reference and teaching purposes. They are working on a pilot project to try this out.