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Administrative Services: Training/Travel

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.

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Travel/Training Approval

Guidelines for Support of Travel/Training Activities

Travel Request Form

Car Rentals

IMPORTANT: Travelers using rental cars for domestic travel should NOT purchase the optional collision insurance coverage offered, because MIT will not pay the charge nor reimburse you for it. The cost of collision insurance is already included in MIT’s rates at preferred rental companies.  Travelers may, however, purchase car insurance when traveling internationally.

MIT has two preferred car rental vendors--Budget and Avis.

These rental car companies can be used for official Institute business and also for personal travel (however, be sure to use the correct corporate ID numbers) Please do not use any other rental agency unless one of these two companies are not available in the area.

AVIS Rental Cars
Avis Car Rentals For business rentals the MIT Corporate Account Number is A122600; for personal/leisure rentals the MIT Account Number can be found on the following AVIS link. More information can be found here:

Budget Car Rentals For business rentals the MIT Corporate Account Number is T240202; for personal/leisure rentals the MIT Account Number can be found on the following Budget link. More information can be found here:

*If a Traveler rents a car from an agency other than Avis or Budget, MIT's partner car rental agencies and is involved in an at-fault accident, an internal deductible of $1,000 will be placed on the insurance claim.  See MIT Office of Insurance for details on this policy.

Meal Allocations

Now to better reflect meal costs in particular destinations we are now going by the per diem rates for the specific city/areas:

For domestic travel per diem rates can be found here: (M&IE Rate)

For International travel per diem rates are here:  (M&IE Rate)

NISO & NISO/DCMI Webinar Guidelines

​NISO webinars are free to NISO members, held monthly (except for July) and are on Wednesdays (no fee required). NISO/DCMI webinars are offered at reduced rates to NISO members and are held irregularly (requires registration fee).

Archived webinars are manually entered into our internal NISO Webinar Archives wiki within several days of event conclusion for later access.

Webinar logistics will be administered by Grace (Kaseke) Kindeke, Administrative Assistant, in the Director's Office, in conjunction with the library staff member who wishes to sponsor/host a webinar.

A. Sponsor/host responsibility:

  1. Reply to Director's Office (diroff-lib) indicating you will be sponsoring a specific NISO webinar or NISO/DCMI webinar
  2. Reserve a room
  3. Send out all announcements and invitations for the event to your colleagues
  4. Set up in the reserved room on the day of the event with the login instructions you will receive the day before
  5. Report attendance stats through Instruction Stats form.

B. Grace's responsibility:

  1. Register and pay for the NISO/DCMI webinars
  2. Receive the login instructions for NISO webinars and NISO/DCMI webinars prior to the event
  3. Send log-in instructions to the Webinar sponsor/host 24 hours before the event is scheduled to begin
  4. If Grace will be out of the Office the day before a webinar is scheduled, she will delegate this responsibility accordingly

Non-Travel Allowable Expenses

As detailed in the MIT Travel Policy Section 2.02 Using the MIT Travel Card, the MIT Travel Card may be used to pay for local travel and dining expenses associated with a meeting, and such charges may be expensed in Concur, the MIT Online Expense Tool. The MIT Procurement Card may also be used for such expenses. The same requirements for reconciling these expenses (detailed below) apply when either card is used.

All food and beverage expenses for business meetings must be charged to General Ledger Account 421000 (Meetings – Food and Beverages or business meeting/meal).

Expenses for meetings, retreats, seminars, symposia, workshops or events, including food and beverages, may be allowable costs on a federal award if the sponsor expressly states they are allowable. In order for the expense to be allowable, the meeting's primary purpose must be dissemination of technical information beyond MIT. The meeting must also be necessary and reasonable for successful performance of the federal award. Standard group meetings in which information is shared among laboratory members do not qualify as allowable costs.

To substantiate the business purpose of the meeting expenditures, Travelers must provide the following:

  • The purpose of the meeting or topic of discussion
  • A list of attendees (names and group association) present at the meeting
  • Itemized receipts

If no itemized receipt is available for a business meeting/meal (and an attempt has been made to obtain one), the expense type in the Concur reporting tool should be changed to "non recoverable expense"’ and allocated to a non-sponsored cost object.

To charge a business meeting/meal with no itemized receipt to a sponsored cost object, approval must be obtained from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) or the sponsor.

As with non-meeting-related meals, alcoholic beverages must be segregated and charged to a non-sponsored discretionary cost object.