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Administrative Services: Libraries Spaces

Administrative Services supports the MIT Libraries' mission and goals in the areas of Budget & Financial, Facilities & Operations, Personnel and Staff Services.

Staff Office Assignments & Floor Plans

Links below contain floor plans with lists of office assignments on them.   

Complete floor plans of all MIT buildings can be found on this Facilities page:

Distinctive Collections - not completed 

Office Personal Comfort Equipment

The Hayden renovation brought a new focus on sustainability by going for LEED Gold certification, meeting Fitwel standards, and a focus on Red List Free materials.  How we each choose to use small equipment as individuals is a further opportunity to consider sustainability in our work environments.

This guidance is in line with MIT EHS recommendations and may be a change from your previous expectations and use.

  • All equipment listed below MUST be plugged directly into a wall outlet and cannot be plugged into an extension cord or surge suppressor.
  • MIT Libraries will not purchase small equipment items for staff except in the case of a documented business or medical need.  Please discuss the business need with your supervisor or the Facilities Administrator.  If you have a medical need, please reach out to the 
    Disabilities Services & Medical Leaves Office.
  • Use of kitchen equipment, such as kettles and coffee makers, at workstations is strongly discouraged.  If you choose to bring in one of these items please:
    • Keep them at your desk, but use them exclusively in the kitchen/break room areas
    • Ensure the item meets with MIT EHS standards
      • Kettles and coffee makers must be UL or OSHA approved and must have an automatic shut off feature
    • Use and maintenance of your item is your responsibility;  if you do not store these items appropriately and/or keep them and the spaces around them clean, they may be subject to removal after notice is given.
  • Use of desk-adjacent equipment such as refrigerators, space heaters, or air purifiers are strongly discouraged.  If you have a business of medical exception to this we request that you follow the guidance below:
    • Refrigerators must have an energy star rating and be an automatic defrost model
    • Space heaters must be in line with MIT's strict policy
    • Air Purifiers have been shown to be ineffective in individual spaces; however, if you feel that air quality in your workspace is poor, please request an air quality test to ensure that any ventilation/air issues can be addressed by professionals
  • Use of fans is unrestricted

Lactation Room Policies


The Hayden Library Lactation Room is intended for use by nursing persons, in coordination with the MIT Center for Work Life and Wellbeing. If scheduling permits, current Libraries staff members may request use of the room for other medical or religious uses. (Examples might include telehealth appointments, administering injections, or private prayer.)  
Please observe the following procedures:


  • Submit your request by filling out this form. Your information will be kept confidential.
  • If your request is approved, you will receive information on scheduling and room access.  Safety protocols require that we leave 30 minutes between all reservations.
  • The room is not available on a drop-in basis; all users must have a reservation on the calendar to ensure everyone’s privacy and safety.
  • All users of the room must follow the room’s cleaning and usage protocols.  
  • Remember that in case of conflict, priority will always go to nursing persons.  Every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.